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The Impact of social media – Has social media taken over our lives?

The Impact of social media – Has social media taken over our lives?

The Impact of social media- Has social media taken over our lives?

Has the impact of social media taken over our lives? What is social media? Social Media is a tool that was made to make the world “more openly connected”. There are times when we just had enough of it- and feel that it’s necessary to take a break or ‘disconnect‘ ourselves from this tool that is constantly grabbing our attention. Once we choose to take a break, we make a public announcement on our news-feed informing everyone of this newsflash event but who are we fooling? Weeks or even just days go by after the deactivation process and shamefully login to fulfill those dopamine withdrawals from those bright red notifications. Then we take a ‘quick’ scroll down our news-feed to see who’s in the lead of the status race. Through social media, you can privately create your own world and then publically project that world to the outside world. No matter what you’re going through, you can craft your own persona of any kind and develop sort of an identity that is completely dissimilar to your real-world identity. You have the power to make people believe you have ‘X’ and ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ when in reality, you only have ‘A’ and ‘B’. And if you’re suffering from any deeply rooted insecurities, it’s the perfect place to run to for validation. From the outside looking in, the options seem limitless, the benefits, enrapturing. This is the impotent loop that everyone in this world with a social media account can attest to. What I am about to share with you is a topic that I wanted to share for quite some time now. But I read a book on this topic, and it was only until recently when I discovered a mind-blowing phenomenon in regards to the impact of social media, and one day it finally hit me. The questions remain, “why are we addicted to social media?”


You see, social media is no different than a life-threatening drug that can put your life, and the lives of others around you in danger. Although this may sound like nonsense at first, it makes perfect sense if we break down the parallelism of social media to drugs and provide some examples. Let’s first ring up the definition of the word “drug“.

For the sake of this example, in the photo above I have blurred out definitions 1, 3 and 4 to only focus on definition 2 which states that a drug, is “something and often an illegal substance that causes addiction, habituation, or a marked change in consciousness.

We obviously all know that social media is not an illegal substance, but it is ‘something’ that DOES in fact, cause an addiction, habituation or a marked change in consciousness.


The Early World Before The Social Media Epidemic:


Way long ago, I’d say about two decades or so, the internet boom was just coming into effect circa late 90’s. Around this time, the smartphone did not yet exist. The only phones that were around at the time were the early Blackberry’s, Nokia phones and other similar models; or as we refer to them today as, “brick phones“. Whenever you went out in public, any time a person pulled out their phone was to either make a quick call, answer a quick call, send a quick text or quickly check a text that they received. Notice the significance of the word ‘quick‘ being used. Well, that’s really how it used to be, it was a quick process. Besides that, the only other reason people pulled out their phones was to play a quick game of snake. That’s it.  Not to mention, millions of people also walked around with pagers attached to the hip which only provided an audible alert and had none of these previously mentioned features available. The only form of ‘social media’ that people really had access to was the early development of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chat rooms starting in the late 80’s through the BBS (Bulletin Board System) technology that lasted all the way up to the late 90’s. Then the more user-friendly MSN, AOL and Yahoo chatrooms were introduced. But obviously, the only way you could use such chatrooms was if you actually owned a PC or laptop, with a working internet connection (which was dial-up/broadband at the time). Now even though these chatrooms provided everyone the proper convenience of being able to communicate with each other worldwide, the mobile aspect of it was still non-existent. Whenever you went out in public, no matter where it was, it was quite a rare occurrence to see a person’s eyes glued to their phones.  Even walking into a waiting area such as a lobby if someone had an appointment scheduled, once sitting down, people were actually forced to strike up a conversation with one another in an attempt to kill time. Nowadays, you can’t even go to a family reunion without everyone being glued to their phones moments after seeing one another!

But around 2004, things started getting interesting!

Myspace: The Worlds First Internet Boogyman

I don’t think there’s one single soul watching this video who doesn’t remember this site. I think we can all agree that Myspace was the first website to put social media on the map. Myspace was introduced to the world wide web in late 2003 and skyrocketed in popularity in early 2004. This was a site where you could join by simply creating a profile with the most cringe-worthy picture of your younger self, and then spend days upon days customizing your profile into an hour-long scroll fest of blinding font and deaf inducing media players.

A nightmarish flashback of a site we once called, ‘home’…known to cause seizures..

This right here was the start of the new age addiction to social media. Although myspace was introduced, it was still not yet possible to view the site from a mobile device. And if it was possible, more than likely it was probably not very user-friendly at all. This meant that in order to use this site smoothly, one would still need to use a laptop or PC with a good internet connection. Furthermore, a couple of years later a NEW invention came along that would bridge the gap between social media and mobility that would forever change the state of the world and how people connect with one another. And this is where things tend to get a little ‘scary’.

The Iphone: When Social Media Started Going Full-Blown Mobile- The ‘Alien-nation’ begins.

Now this is when the real impact of social media began. In 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled what would soon become one of the most revolutionary, innovative inventions of the technology realm known to mankind. So revolutionary that he took the laptop and PC, and shrunk them down to the size of a 4.5 by 2.4 inch mobile device. This meant that mostly all of the features that were once exclusive to only a PC or laptop, could now be accessed from this device in the palm of your hands which initiated a significant boost of convenience for all its users. With the iPhone, a few of the most important features was the hands-free calling, the email, the digital camera and the mobile browser which enabled users to browse the internet on the go. Interestingly enough, a year prior to its release, only a whopping 1% of the world owned a smartphone. However, in 2007, the iPhone took the world by storm- with reports of selling 270,000 units within the first 30 hours of it’s release! Shortly after, the iPhone quickly found itself in the hands of millions worldwide and would soon be known as the leading contributor to the infamous social media addiction. So now we ask ourselves, what happens when you merge this mobile addiction with social media addiction together??

Social Media Takes Over The World

Back in September 26, 2006, Facebook was publically opened to everyone worldwide at least 13 years old of age with a valid email address. Just in the year 2009 alone, Facebook’s US user base grew from 42 million to 103 million. That’s a 144.9% growth rate! And a year later in 2010, Facebook amassed traffic of 400 million users around the globe.


Around this same year, Instagram was introduced as the runner-up in the Social Media competition. And the impact of social media increased ten fold. Check out the graph below showing the user growth of Instagram over the past decade.

In the early stages, Facebook found it’s birth on both Desktop PC’s and Laptops alike. But over-time, it was apparent that millions of users were logging into their Facebook accounts from mobile devices more and more. With the majority of users logging into the social network via smartphones or tablets, it was a no-brainer idea to adopt a mobile-based platform which would enable users quick and easy access to Facebook without having to navigate through a mobile browser. Thus, Facebook considered that the perfect remedy would be to introduce Facebook to the mobile Android market. And the Facebook Mobile App was born.  Now on the other hand, as soon as Instagram was born it was flip-side. It was readily made available as a mobile app from the very beginning and then later moved on to desktops.  So now, you have these two, POWERHOUSE social networks with apps that anyone can download via the Android or IOS marketplace in minutes.  The requirements? A pulse and a smartphone.


At this point, because of the convenience that smartphones provided for its users, it slowly became more like an actual drug. In fact, According to a study of Australian consumers by San Francisco-based media-buying firm RadiumOne, social media usage is a dopamine gold mine. “Every time we post, share, ‘like,’ comment or send an invitation online, we are creating an expectation,” according to the study. “We feel a sense of belonging and advance our concept of self through sharing (Molly Soat. Marketing News)


In other news, New York University professor Adam Alter, author of “Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked, explains what happens to your brain when someone likes your post on Instagram or any other social media platform (Business Insider). The following is a transcript of the video:


Social Media Addiction Ensues

We live in a society where presentation (be it truth or exaggerated) is favored over substance. That’s basically social media in a nutshell. You could be the worst kind of person offline, but as long as you uphold this fake, polar opposite persona about yourself in the online community,  you’re going to be treated based off of the facade that you mendaciously impose. If you’re like me, your the type of person who wants to know someone on a deeper, more interpersonal level at the very core. You want to know what drives them, what their passions/interests are, what makes them tick and what makes them human. Me being this sort of, thought-provoking empath enables me to see people for who they really are. I get this powerful sense of awareness of how empty and devoid of life people really are, and the fact that they do an amazing job of concealing it. It’s no wonder people are so secretive about whats really going on in their lives, because in reality, behind closed doors a lot of people may be a complete and utter mess. Which means that they’d have to actually put forth the effort in admitting their faults and improving themselves. Which would be a massive blow to their ego as it requires much-needed humility and accepting defeat.

                     “Feed me my likes!”

According to psychiatric news, “a study published online in Computers in Human Behavior on December 10, 2016, found that the use of multiple social media platforms is more strongly associated with depression and anxiety among young adults than time spent online (-Clinical and Research News).” If you ask me, I think alot of this has to do with people who are suffering from depression are comparing their lives to that of their cyberworld counterparts. While trying to maintain their ‘online persona’, they’re constantly scrolling down their newsfeed being bombarded with photos of happy people showing off their activities,  material possessions, and inseparable bonds. Which causes the spectator to sink deeper and deeper into their own abyss. This is what causes a widespread feeling of dissatisfaction because their lives don’t compare to the highlights of everyone else’s. This is where the term ‘facade’ comes into play.


I think the saddest part about all of this is how the impact of social media has been statistically proven to destroy relationships and marriages at large. As of today, Facebook has more than 500+ million daily users and simultaneously Google posts reports from the legal community attesting to a statistic that 1 in 5 divorces today have a direct correlation to Facebook social networking relationships. It’s no surprise that social media has made it increasingly easy for people to secretly practice infidelity outside their relationships as they have ‘more options’.

Nowadays when I go out, I tend to people watch and scan out the environment. And one thing I notice oftentimes is, for instance, whenever I see a couple sitting down at a table in a restaurant, either one person is on their phone, or both people are on their phones. It’s almost as if the ‘dating’ stage is now done entirely on the phone through SMS rather than face to face. This is how sickly addicting this has become and I one day fear that it will get to the point where human interaction is almost non-existent.


It’s The CV of Our Lives- And the Employers Can See it Too

Being addicted to your smartphone can affect your safety and your health. New research shows a connection to a lack of neural chemicals that affect your ability to focus.

Social Media. What was once supposed to be a memory sharing app, has become the CV of our lives. Throughout the day we succumb to the urge of grabbing our phones and posting about what we’re engaging in at the moment, or our negative thoughts for all of our stalwarts to see.  Not only does this grant everyone easy access to our location, but it also enables the feds to track our location as well (more on this a little later). And if we fail to regulate privacy settings on our accounts, then anyone not part of our social networks can also see into our profiles and locations. This even includes employers. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that many employers will go so far as to snoop into the social media profiles of their potential candidates to determine hire-ability? “According to CareerBuilder’s latest social media recruitment survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and HR professionals and more than 3,000 full-time U.S. workers, 60 percent of employers revealed that they use social networking sites to research job candidates (Amy McDonnell- Career Builder). ”

The following list shows the most critical factors that have deterred employers from hiring a potential candidate:

  • Provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information – 46 percent
  • Information about candidate drinking or using drugs – 43 percent
  • Discriminatory comments related to race, religion, gender, etc. – 33 percent
  • Candidate bad-mouthed previous company or a fellow employee – 31 percent
  • Poor communication skills – 29 percent

Now don’t get me wrong, on the flip side social media CAN be used in our favor in terms of gaining employment. For example, there are things you can do on sites like Facebook and Twitter to actually boost your online persona, social presence, and credentials. This should be done in a way to showcase your strongest personality traits about yourself and any qualifications that ultimately makes up who you are. But the fact that employers have to resort to such a practice to spy on their potential employees, I still find quite baffling. But the big brother is the main entity we should all be really worried about. Which brings me to my next point.

Big Brother Is Watching Our Every Move 

I mean, this shouldn’t really be a surprise. Everyone and their mom is already aware that there is some form of pre-existing privacy/data breaching going on behind closed doors. But many people seem to brush this off and think that as long as they have control of their privacy settings, or opt to ‘permanently’ delete or deactivate an account, they have little to worry about. Well, allow me to educate you on this matter.

Think of it this way. Ever since you first used the internet, whatever day that was, whatever device or internet service provider you were using at the time, starting from the very first moment you browsed the worldwide web, the first bit of information you input was sent out into cyberspace to forever be logged, tracked and stored. In other words, there are supercomputers and data centers worldwide that store data archives of billions of users personal information, browser activities, and network traffic sources since day one. In fact, there are various surveillance programs under the NSA that collects internet communications from various U.S. internet companies- and would be glad to make a video on this in the near future. Not to mention, sometimes it’s as simple as typing in persons first and last name, email address or phone number in Google and their address could be populated as well as their address history and relatives. And if not, you could actually even pay for such services to provide you with this information.


Location Settings On Our Phones (How our every move is being tracked and stalked) 

In every single Smart Phone, in the settings, there is a “location” feature that enables apps on your phone to use your location via GPS satellites. Now I’m sure you already knew of this, but maybe you didn’t know the reason behind it. Well, whenever GPS location is enabled on any device, no matter where you go or what you do, not only is your location being stored but the information is being sent out of your phone to various servers. These servers can be linked to apps, websites, web browsers, etc. With that being said, there will be times when- depending on a specific location you visit; let’s say, an electronics store for example, if you were window shopping and took a picture of an item you’d be interested in buying, it’s no surprise that once you get home, that same exact item would appear as an add either on your browser, or even on your facebook newsfeed. This has a lot to do with a tool called, “meta-data” which is a form of internet-based data collection and can be used to stalk millions.  In fact, I even covered this in one of my older videos on my Youtube Channel titled, “GREY PILL Technology: The DARK SIDE of Technology | Part 2 *SHOCKING*”. 

Just recently I was doing some research on this topic and came across some of the most shocking information to date in regards to data breaching from big companies like Google and Facebook. A Twitter user by the name of Dylan Curran, a web developer, and tech consultant made a series of posts on Twitter exposing both Google and Facebook demonstrating how much info they collect from their users. And the post literally went viral.


He also made a few Youtube videos to help guide people on how they can prevent Google from collecting their data by navigating through the privacy settings and making the right adjustments. I highly recommend everyone to watch the video below as it can put you on the right track to avoid becoming victim to the data extraction frenzy.

Now it goes even deeper. Remember earlier when I mentioned metadata being used as a tool to harvest internet-based data from users online? Another form of metadata can be extracted through calls and texts as well. Have you ever had a phone conversation with someone, and after hanging up the phone, not even an hour later you start seeing ads on your phone or PC that pertains to what your conversation was about? Check out this article titled, “Android Users, Change This Setting to Stop Facebook’s Collection of Your Call and Text Metadata” which will give you insight on how this stalkerish technology works.


Another trick for added privacy that I strongly recommend to everyone is to use a VPN which stands for “Virtual Private Network“. A VPN is a type of server that enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. When you start to search for services and are browsing on their websites, there are some additional items you may want to consider. Speaking of trust and privacy – some companies will use tracking cookies to determine how to best serve you ads, which other sites you’ve been to, and some will even phone home with specific personal information. Best case, this is an abuse of power by companies stretching the limits of their marketing ideas on how to gather this info, worst case, it can be used to intentionally violate your privacy and tie your device back to the site that was actively performed on it.

For starters, I highly recommend using a VPN called, “Express VPN” which for many years has been regarded as one of the best and most affordable VPN services available in all aspects of top-notch privacy and data protection.

Last Thoughts


I know all of this may sound daunting. I get it. But if you’re like me, it’s better to be informed of this epidemic and become educated on how it’s affecting our lives viscerally.  Speaking of educating ourselves, as you all know I’m a bookworm and early on I mentioned a book on this topic that I bought online and read which inspired me to create this. This book is titled:

“The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains”

This book is definitely a popular one, highly rated and really drove home for me as I never truly understood the sheer power of the internet and the effect that it has on our minds, our hearts, and our overall well-being. The next step is to slowly wean ourselves away from this social media addiction, or austerely limit the information that we share,  since quitting it all at once is deemed a challenge for many of us. Just like a drug addiction, it is a habit that has to be slowly broken by practice.  We have come to the point where we have merged ourselves with our mobile devices to become one single entity. The impact of social media has taken over our lives. What we need to do, is separate ourselves from technology to such a point where we can live our lives as healthy and liberating as possible. This alone could help the world become a better place.



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018: Top 10 Lessons I learned in 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018: Top 10 Lessons I learned in 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018: Top 10 Lessons I learned in 2017

Hello everyone! Happy new year 2018! Every year on December 31st, I sit down and write out a top 10 list of things I learned in my personal journey throughout the year, and I wanted to share this year’s lessons with you guys.

Here’s my top 10 list for 2017. 🙂

#1: You don’t ALWAYS have to be around people. Solitude can be very invigorating and liberating. You will ultimately come to terms with your deepest sense of self-identity and from that, you become invincible.

#2: Include MORE water and MORE fruit in your daily diet. Your body will always thank you. And get more sleep!

#3: Some people will give you the illusion of being happy and whatever motivation they provide you with, is secretly directed towards their own needs. 👀

#4: Have a SAVINGS ACCOUNT and have a percentage of your paycheck direct deposited into that account and FORGET IT. Make sure it isn’t linked to a checking account. That way, when emergencies come up, it won’t feel so much like an emergency as you have money to fall back on. 

#5: Be careful what you blame yourself for. Other peoples’ behavior and actions is NOT “our fault” as often as we think. It’s a random coin toss… 

#6: CUTOFF the fake friends, the high maintenance girlfriends/boyfriends, and anyone else who actively undermines your efforts.Toxicity is detrimental to your health.
#7: Take your passions and brainstorm them in such a way that you can make money from it. It is an amazing feeling.

#8: Forgive all of those who have done you wrong. Holding a grudge is more painful than the initial hurt that was done unto you in the first place. 

#9: Every morning is a new challenge in life. Every morning when the sun rises, a gazelle has to outrun a lion. Every morning, the baby birds in the nest begin chirping and the mother bird has to go out and find worms for her babies fast enough to make it back in time before any harm is done to them. Stay motivated and keep pushing forward.
#10: You will hear many different voices every day of your life, but your inner voice is the most important. Always listen to it.


Bonus: Define your #Corevalues in life and STICK to it. Because no matter what happens, doing this gives you purpose in life and you’ll wake up every day knowing that you have PURPOSE. No matter how “monotonous” your life may seem in the moment. Everything else comes and goes. But your #corevalues are here to stay. It will never make you go broke and will never break your heart.
#HAPPYNEWYEARS everyone 👽🎆🎇🎊🎉

Future of Digital Currency 2018

Future of Digital Currency 2018

About 7 months ago back in May, I uploaded an informative, GREY PILL: FINANCE video on the channel titled, “THE VALUE OF BITCOIN- What To Do If You Haven’t Invested 2017” where I came up with an alternative plan for those who weren’t able to invest in Bitcoin at the time, due to how expensive it was. And mainly, the plan that I devised included investing in alt coins which were a hell of a lot cheaper at the time, and literally only a fraction of the cost of one single Bitcoin. In this video, I explain the value of digital currency and the future of digital currency.



Now during the time that video was uploaded, the value of one single Bitcoin was $2348.16. Now I understand that many of us don’t just have $2,348.16 just lying around and that’s perfectly ok. But for those who did, if in fact, you took the plunge and invested in one single bitcoin, with the value of bitcoin now reaching an astounding $15,000+ 7 months later at the time of making this video, you would have been $13,000+ in profit.  This means that in 7 months towards the end of the year, the value of bitcoin scaled up 7x times!!!
Now here’s the kicker. In that same video that I uploaded, about halfway through I mentioned some very good alt coins to invest into that would eventually become competitors to the Bitcoin. I mentioned coins like ethereum, litecoin, and many others.

Now, during the time that the video was uploaded, the value of one single ETHER or “Etherium” was around $200 and the price already scaled up about 2,000% this year. Now if you check out the price of ether today, it has reached an astounding $754.00 ! Imagine what that would be 5 years from now with increased economic favor and growth with the future of digital currency.


So even if you simply invested in only 2 ethers back in May at $200 each, you’d already be roughly $1,000+ in profit. If you invested in 5 ethers for a total investment of $1,000, you’d be roughly $2,500 in profit!!

Now it gets even more shocking that this. The last coin I’ll cover is litecoin, which, according to price charts, back in May a single unit of Litecoin was worth a whopping $28.71!!


Now today, December 23, 2017, that same litecoin has amassed a total value of $306.00!!!! Had you spent $278 and invested in only 10 litecoins, if you held them throughout the year, as of today you would have cleared a total profit of around $2,800!!! AND THAT’S JUST 10 COINS. Imagine how much you’d be in profit if you invested in 50…100…..this is unbelievable!!!
So I hope the video I uploaded back in May helped a lot of you out, and if it hasn’t that’s ok. It’s never to late to start investing into crypto simply because the alt coins that I spoke of back then in Many of which were a lot more affordable at the time have no longer become the “underdogs” per say. However, on the plus side, there are still many many more coins you can invest in that are literally pennies on the dollar, which gives us all the opportunity to get in the wave as early as possible so we won’t regret being late to the party like what happened with bitcoin. And yes I would be more than delighted to make another video covering alt coins that I myself have invested in, and the allocated breakdown of my own personal portfolio when it comes to investing in these alt coins. The future of digital currency is an opportunity that should not be taken seriously in my opinion. So stay tuned everyone, and I hope you found this information very helpful. Until next time! 🙂

NSSM 200 Document LEAKED

NSSM 200 Document LEAKED

Hello everyone! RayneofLyte here.
I just uploaded a new video on my channel about the top secret NSSM 200 document that needed to be shared with the world. A pretty interesting and shocking discovery that I came across on the net.  I’m sure many of you are already well aware of the “NWO” also known as the “New World Order”. Now, if you’re not already familiar with the “NOW” I advise you to please check out the links I placed  in the video description.  That information in it of itself should give you an overall understanding of what the NWO is and the entire agenda behind it.


Now going deeper into this, one of the main tactics involved with the NWO agenda is the plan of depopulation also known as “the slow kill”.


Now by its simplest definition according to, “Depopulation” “Depopulated” or “Depopulating” is to remove or reduce the population of, as by destruction or expulsion.

So, depopulation has been around for many decades and anyone with a mere 10 minutes of time can research numerous events and tragedies that were taken place in history as a result of depopulation tactics. Some of the most noticeable that I’d like to point out are health vaccines, fast food/toxic good additives, reproductive health organizations such as planned parenthood, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through eugenics, chemtrails, GMO, GEO-Engineering, fluoride, Pharmaceuticals, and much much more….


With that being said, I came across a top secret, confidential document online known as “NSSM 200” which stands for “National Security Study Memorandum”- Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (THE KISSINGER REPORT) December 10, 1974.”


At the heading of this document, it states that “This document can only be declassified by the White House.” So as you can see this is a real, legitimate document that was leaked online that states that it was Declassified/Released on 7/3/89.


In short, this document exposes the global population control agenda.  Upon going through the file, in the first chapter, you’ll find that it documents the analytics of the world population demographic trends as well as the population projected growth. In chapters two and beyond it goes into the various U.S Global population strategies such as “Creating Conditions for Fertility Decline”, “Abortion Legalization”  “AI.D.S Assistance”, “development of low-cost delivery systems”, “Utilization of Mass Media and Satellite Communications Systems for Family Planning” and much more; Many of which, you’ll quickly notice that we already see a lot of this unfolding right before our eyes in these times.


This information I have presented is shocking, quite alarming and very sensitive so please view it at your own discretion. This top secret document is about 123 pages long and can be downloaded via PDF format freely. Please visit the video description below for a link to the file, and also, leave comments below if you have any questions. Thank you very much for watching.  Peace and Love you all

NSSM 200 Document here (DOWNLOAD):


RANT: Update | Thanks for the 10k+ subs and 1million+ views!

RANT: Update | Thanks for the 10k+ subs and 1million+ views!

Hello fans of the PeoplesBrain blog!

I know it’s been a while! I just recently updated a video on the Youtube Channel to give everyone a quick update as to why I’ve been inactive for the past few months. It was a much-needed hiatus.

I also share with you the history of the Youtube channel and how it came about.

On the greener side, this channel has surpassed 10k+ subs and 1,000,000 views and I wanted to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the entire community!


I also wanted to share my plan of action for the future of the Youtube channel in the days to come.

Thanks, everyone. 🙂

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Health Benefits of Turmeric

 Health Benefits of Turmeric

Health Benefits of Turmeric. In the past few years, turmeric curcumin has been at the forefront of many health publications and articles. But you have to wonder, how to use turmeric for health, and are there any benefits of turmeric for skin or your entire body for that matter? The answer is simple, yes, turmeric does have some very impressive health benefits! Here are the Health Benefits of Turmeric:

  1. It has impressive bioactive compounds

Curcumin, in particular, is widely known for being one of the best compounds that deliver powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. On top of that, turmeric is a good antioxidant too. So yes, if you want results, use turmeric, and high blood pressure and many other health issues will go away.

  1. It helps eliminate free radicals from your body

The free radicals will attack your body all the time, but what you can do is to use turmeric and curcumin to fight back this sort of problem. The primary benefit is that you will eliminate these free radicals, you will feel healthy, and the results will be a lot better.

  1. Lowers the effects of Alzheimer’s and depression.

Studies have shown that once you learn how to use turmeric for pain, you can easily adapt it to brain-related conditions too. In fact, it can work very well when it comes to dealing with depression and Alzheimer’s, and many doctors recommend it at this point.

  1. It can increase the brain levels of BDNF

BDNF is a growth hormone that functions in your brain. Once you use turmeric, you will see that the BDNF levels get to be better and better. So yes, this leads to some incredible and distinct health benefits that you can’t find anywhere else.

  1. Dealing with heart disease problems

Some of us have heart issues, so adapting to a new lifestyle can come in handy. But if you add turmeric to your diet, you will see that turmeric for high blood pressure can work very well. So, you just have to find a proper, creative way to adapt yourself to this great product.

  1. It can help you deal with cancer

Cancer is one of those health issues that can rarely be combatted in any way, shape or form. With the turmeric curcumin, you will be able to do that. It will reduce angiogenesis and metastasis, not to mention that it eliminates a plethora of cancerous cells from your body. So yes, it does work extremely well, and you should check it out.

  1. Weight loss

Aside from all of the above, turmeric can also be used for weight loss. A lot of people are wondering “is turmeric good for weight loss”? And the answer is YES! Turmeric fights free radicals, and it helps you eliminate fat fast and easy. It is well worth checking out, and it will deliver an incredible set of results each time.

As you can see, turmeric works very well for your health. It can deliver an outstanding set of results, and if you want to lose weight, this is by far the best option you can focus on!

Buy TURMERIC CURCUMIN with Bioperine 1500mg. Highest Potency Available below (click picture):

EXTRA BONUS INFO:  Turmeric and diabetes- 12 benefits (Click below)



Top 10 COOL Websites!

Top 10 COOL Websites!

Top 10 COOL Websites


Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you the Top 10 COOL Websites. All of these websites can be accessed with ease by visiting the links below in the video description. I’ll also visit each website and give you a quick little preview of each website and why it has earned a spot on my top 10 list. So here we go!


 (Website gives you stats about your life)


This is a website that allows you to input your birthday and it will give you a full report and various stats about your existence so far. From the # of seconds you’ve been alive since your birth, to the # of heart beats up and # of breaths you’ve taken up until the very second. What I found also interesting about this website is that after inputting your birthday, when you scroll down it also includes some interesting facts like the distance you’ve traveled as the earth revolves around the sun, as well as many events that occurred on the exact day you were born, the first year you were alive, all the way up to your present age. This website also allows you to create a report for your friend or family member and share it with them. And for all of the reasons listed above, this website deserves the #10 spot on the list and I advise you to check it out!




This website is a hidden gem. Although upon visiting the website, for the first 5 seconds most people wouldn’t understand its use. But what this is is a ticking, digital clock that tells you what time it is in hexadecimal color code. If you don’t know what hexadecimal color code is, it’s basically a color specified according to the RGB map. This is in the format of: #RRGGBB.

RR (red), GG (green) and BB (blue) are hexadecimal integers between 00 and FF specifying the intensity of the color. So as the time changes using the 24hour clock method, the background color of the website changes as well. Very cool indeed. This website earns the #8 spot on the list.


#8: is a website that shows future projections of meteor showers that are expected to be seen from earth on a set date in the future.  Using the tool in the upper left-hand corner of the website’s interface allows you to view different types of meteor showers and when they’ll occur throughout the year.  This website has earned its spot as # 8 on the list, as I feel that it’d be an awesome discovery for those wanting to see an actual meteor shower in real life!




Now these ones for all the travellers out there. This is a cool website that provides you with a map that displays all of the best places to visit in the world on any given week based on weather.  Just simply go to the homepage, input the week at which you are planning your travel plans and adjust the parameters for your desired temperature, and voila! Now you have a huge, plethora of options for wonderful travel destinations so you can feel at most comfortable in your experience.  Travel the world and end up in heaven. I’m giving this site, the #7.



This website is both very informative and a bit disheartening, to say the least. shows you the likelihood of whether or not your job will be replaced by AI technology or shall I say, “automation” based on a percentage factor. I already mentioned in a blog post on my blog that by the year 2020 it is projected that robots will replace 5 million human jobs. And that’s just 3 years away from now. Imagine what would happen a decade from now. The numbers would be staggering and no one really knows the absolute solution for when such a crisis could occur.  The good news is that great minds like Elon Musk have already been trying to come up with solutions. One of many being known as a “universal basic income”, but that’s for another video.  However, I feel like this website could also be a benefit to millions if they use it in the right way. That is, to find the jobs that are LEAST likely to be replaced by AI in the coming years so that they could get a safe head start on protected career choices…This site earns its spot as # 6 on the list.



NautilusLive is a website created by an exploration team of up to 31 members and a science team and 17 ships that allows you join them on their expedition to explore the deep blue ocean “live”. The site updates you on the current ship’s location and lets you tune into different channels to see what’s going on from different camera angles. What makes this site very interesting is how many viewers of the live stream have been able to see the creepiest and sometimes unidentifiable creatures of the deep blue sea caught on camera, which you can find past recordings of on Youtube.  The fact that this team has made it possible for any internet user to view the vast depths of the deep blue sea using their computer or phone screen, gives this website a cool #5 on the list.




Plain and simple, this site allows you to see all trace routes of any activity that has happened from your very own IP address, IN REAL TIME. It allows you to see WHAT KIND of data is being sent out and received from and WHERE it is being sent out and received from. Now although this website will take some getting used to if you don’t already have a keen knowledge base of IX maps and internet routing, there’s a beginner friendly resource at the top of the page that will quickly teach you data input and site navigation.  Honestly, once you get the hang of the website, you will be shocked to know how many traces are being pinpointed back to your IP address. It may even scare you actually. IXmaps is definitely a MUST for everyone interested in learning more about internet privacy, and because of this, it has claimed its place as the #4 website on the list.


Anyone who first visits this website would probably be confuzzled beyond belief. I know I was.  The “Globe of Economic Complexity” is a website that maps the entire world production of goods to create an economic landscape of countries around the globe. One single dot on the screen represents ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of world trade exported goods, which is just absolutely mind boggling. Across the bottom, you’ll also see a color coded bar, which filters the various products being exported by category so you can actually understand what you’re seeing.  The Glove of Economic Complexity earns the #3 spot on the list for being such an amazing tool to see the complexity of worldwide economics in a beautiful, graphical and interactive way.



This is probably the most intriguing website on the list. 2050. earth is a website site created by Kaspersky Lab that allows futurists to input various predictions based on research and future projections on a 3D globe. All the future projections are within the 20-year timeline span of the year 2030 to 2050. Upon visiting the website you can click any “decade” of your choosing on the left, drag the globe around and click on any of the small hexagonal icons on the map. Each icon pinpoints to a specific projected event in the future in that desired country. After clicking on the icon, a popup will show, displaying information about that particular event that either a futurist researcher or groups of futurist researchers have contributed to.  To take it a step further, there’s also a “ratings” system that allows other users who have already registered on the website, to click on a projected event, and rate a thumbs up or thumbs down in agreement of the likelihood or unlikelihood of the event to actually occur. The futurist researcher who created the event also rates what he thinks the likelihood or unlikelihood of the event to take place based on a percentage factor.  A Very very interesting website that will literally keep you in your seat for hours if you have the slightest bit of interest in what will be experiencing as human beings in the coming decades.  This site EASILY earns the #2 spot on my list.


100,000 stars by the Google Data Arts Team is a site that I stumbled upon one night at about 11 pm, and I didn’t leave the site until about 3 am the next day. Trust me, this website is bound to keep you in your seat. 100,00 starts allows you to explore 87 of 100,000 stars in a galaxy. If you thought “Google Sky” was something, 100,000 takes it to a whole nother level.  As noted on its homepage, “100,000 Stars is an interactive visualization of the stellar neighbourhood created for the Google Chrome web browser. It shows the real location of over 100,000 nearby stars. Zooming in reveals 87 major named stars and our solar system. The galaxy view is an artist’s rendition.” This website is so visually stunning that anyone with a hi rez computer monitor or TV with all the lights out is in for a real treat. This is why I have listed this site as the #1 most amazing website on the list.


So thankyou everyone for watching and I hope you found this video both awesome and informative. Please rate, comment and subscribe because yes, I will be doing more of these types of videos. So stay tuned, and thanyou very much for watching!














The Opposite of Materialistic is life experiences

The Opposite of Materialistic is life experiences

The Opposite of Materialistic is life experiences


What is the opposite of materialistic? I have learned that people who spend money on experiences are much happier. Western culture has deluded us into thinking that a new car or new clothes will improve our lives. It’s all a big hoax, and we all know it. Traveling and exploring out in nature is priceless. Material things depreciate and rust/collect dust over time and we eventually become bored of them. They also keep us confined. And I am victim to this as well. So congrats on all of our material gains but we can’t allow them to consume us. Memories from wonderful experiences last forever, and never depreciate and cannot be taken away. Even if you were to die all of the sudden, those same memories will still live in the minds and hearts of those who you shared them with. It also becomes part of your eulogy. The answer is: The opposite of materialistic is life experiences.

Just like my old boss used to say. “It doesn’t matter what you own, whether cheap or valuable, you cannot take it with you to the grave.” And this still holds very true to me till this day. I often remember having various conversations with elderly people all throughout my life. After gaining insight into the lives of so many people in their later years, one thing is for certain that I have come to a conclusion on. The elderly who carry themselves more happily and content upon first impression, are usually the ones who have lived more self fulfilling lives that included an abundance of positive life experiences. We all have bad experiences, but these same people do not sulk on the past. Usually the ones who are more bitter, are ones who have spent their lives living up to the standards of others, putting much stress and energy into obtaining material things, and holding on to poisonous grudges. Don’t be this person. Be the person who has amazing stories to tell to the youth of that time. So that they can learn the importance of carving out a more self full-fulling life for themselves. So once the youth comes of old age, the cycle can then continue.



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The Imminent Danger of using Cloud Based Storage Services

The Imminent Danger of using Cloud Based Storage Services

GREY PILL: TECHNOLOGY: Cloud Based Storage. New Youtube Video!

The Imminent Danger of using Cloud Based Storage Services

“How does cloud based storage work?”

With the rising need for data protection and storage online, many companies and their employees have been implementing cloud based technology as a solution for this necessity providing more convenience. You also have an increasing number of internet users by the millions, of whom are adopting cloud based technologies within their own households.  One of the most widely known cloud based storage services, for example, is Google Drive. Google Drive is a free online service that allows anyone with a Gmail account to make use of for storing most if not all of their files from their hard drive on an online server that will serve as an additional data storage.  As of right now, Google Drive grants all users with 15GB of free storage for completely free with no additional costs which is actually quite good in comparison to other cloud based storage services like Drop Box at a 2GB start and BOX at a start of 10GB. Now, although these options seem like very useful services, it may be a ploy to suck people into storing their personal files on the server, in which there is a price to pay undoubtedly. And an ever “bigger” price to pay so to speak, for the paid Cloud based storage services.


“What does Cloud Based mean?”

“Cloud based”, via the definition, is “a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers. “  On of the main reasons why numerous companies worldwide have adopted this service is due to the convenience of being able to access a software platform or host anywhere in the world using an internet connection. I think the reason why this technology is so crucial, is because of the security that comes with cloud based services to help prevent any kind of malicious, hacking activities to protect their data.


The Argument FOR Cloud Based Storage Services:

In fact, one good argument for the use of cloud based services is the ever increasing reports of hacking through social engineering.  In one of my earlier videos here on my channel titled, BLACKHAT HACKER SECRETS- THE DARK SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY (PART 1)

…I went in depth on how hackers have learned the ability to hack and breach data with relative ease using a form of “social engineering”. Meaning, trespassing top secret areas and gaining access to computers and devices within a company by ‘faking’ their identity and using the power of manipulation through their words. They have been able to do this without even needing to hack into the network using brute force attacks from a laptop, but simply, by walking into the premises to gain any information they seek. With that being said, these hackers could simply plug in a storage device from all forms of countless mediums such as the following:


-USB flash drives

-Memory cards

-Internal/fixed hard drives

-External/portable hard drives

-Network attached storage

-Magnetic tape

-Copy/fax machine memory

-Mobile devices (phones, tablets, audio players, video game systems)

-CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs

-Cloud storage (via a direct installed, remote connection)

Any of these can be plugged into or attached to a computer or piece of office equipment to extract data in the flash of a second. Once achieved, the hacker calmly leaves the building as if nothing even happened. Unfortunately, even employees hired onto companies have done this. But going back to what I was saying earlier, if a company adopts the usage of cloud based storage services and stores all of their data on a cloud based network, it will make it 10x harder for the hacker to breach because instead of being able to access the data straight from the internal network, they would then need to bypass an EXTERNAL network, or SERIES of networks to then get into the cloud itself which would take a significant amount of time due to the extra layer of security, and especially if they’re already pressed for time to do their dirty work.

Another good argument for the use of Cloud Based services is the lack of longevity and the limited lifespan of physical storage devices like I had mentioned earlier. To put this into a better perspective, here’s a mind-blowing concept I wanted to mention to help make light of this:

Let’s say you have a small empty box, and you own a CD-ROM and a USB-Drive in which both have data already stored on them. Now, you take this same CD-ROM and USB-Drive and place them both inside of this box, and leave it sitting for 100 years from today’s date.  What is the guarantee that anyone who finds this box and retrieves the CD-ROM and USB-Drive inside of it will have access to the data stored on them? I mean, of course, we still have access to the data stored on various physical devices from decades ago, but could we possibly conceive the rate at which technology will improve, so much so to the point where the technology we use 100+ years from now will not even be able to read such old and archaic devices that we have, TODAY? You could even make the argument that the CD-ROM and USB DRIVES may lose that data over time through increasing heat temperatures or humidity levels in the room or decreasing freezing low temperatures. In an article by, it states that,

“Among the manufacturers that have done testing, there is consensus that, under recommended storage conditions, CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD+R discs should have a life expectancy of 100 to 200 years or more; CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM discs should have a life expectancy of 25 years or more.”

HOWEVER, it also goes on to say that,

“If left in a very humid environment, moisture—and oxygen—will eventually reach the aluminum, causing it to lose its data. reflectivity.” This is why cloud based services would be deemed a necessary solution to this problem due to the fact that the data is being stored in an online, digital format as opposed to a physical format that can defrag over time.”


The Argument AGAINST Cloud Based Services:

As we all know, everything in this world comes with a set of pros and cons. I’ve already made note of the strongest arguments FOR Cloud Based storage Services, now, what is it about Cloud Based sTORAGE Services that could be completely detrimental to us as a society? In the cyber world, it’s no secret that privacy is almost nonexistent. For example, If you were to go so far back as to when you first, first used the internet, whatever age you were, you would find out that the very first file you uploaded online is still somewhere deep in the online database. I don’t care what type of file it was, how big or how large, and if you so called “permanently” deleted that file off the net ages ago. Every single piece of information that is uploaded or stored online will exist indefinitely, forever. And there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. Another great example of this is a website that I’m a big fan of called,”” also known as “WayBack Machine” which advertises on its homepage, “Explore more than 299 billion web pages saved over time”. What this website is, is the biggest online database of websites that, after an embargo period, saves ALL web pages and all of its cache, data and archives and stores it so that any user can be able to visit those same websites and have access to its contents in whatever earlier date in time, even if the website was to no longer exist in today’s date for whatever reason. You can also enter the URL of a website to request a “snapshot” of that website for use at a later date in time in case it was to get taken down for any reason. For example, one could simply search up and go so far back to 2005 when Youtube first began. And can extract the cache data through an Alexa crawl from any given web page. Millions worldwide have also used this website to find any file they could ever possibly want. From any PDF to movies, music, top secret files, you name it. This website has even been proven to be more effective than any Torrent search if done correctly using proper search/filter techniques.


How does this affect our privacy rights as people?


“The Danger of Cloud Based Services is imminent…”


If you REALLY want to know the purpose behind Cloud based storage services and how it can be a threat to our privacy, allow me to explain. The “Cloud” is simply a surveillance and intelligence gathering apparatus of the population. Users of the cloud are not very smart at all, as it can be an invasion and breach of privacy. Yes feel free to use the cloud, but just remember your service provider, whatever company that may be, is ultimately reading and permanently archiving said data. By using any Cloud Based services, you are voluntarily forfeiting your rights of said information. In addition, service providers can also sell your info for profits and legally, you can’t do a damn thing about it. So my advice is to not participate in any online storage services, or any (patent pending) intellectual property ideals on said systems. In actuality, this is called “data mining” and this is a big, black-market business. There’s a ton of money being made from it. If you were to store anything on the likes of “Google Drive” or “Dropbox” make sure it’s something of very little importance, like dog and cat photos. Now don’t get me wrong, there are already online services out there with pre-existing encryption-like “Spider-oak” for storing stuff of importance, but even then I personally wouldn’t trust that either. The way it works is before uploading it’s encrypted on your end and then moved up. Spider-oak also encrypts and they don’t have access to your key: “Zero Knowledge” and if they did, they would just see another blob of data. There also exist “Semaphor”, which is “ENCRYPTED GROUP CHAT & FILE SHARING FOR YOUR TEAM, FRIENDS, OR FAMILY.


I’m just simply pointing these out as options in case you absolutely, positively still needed some form of cloud based service due to your personal circumstances.


“So much fun isn’t it!”


Now, speaking of “Encrypted group chat and file sharing” don’t you find it interesting how after so long, mobile apps like “snap chat” and later “WhatsApp” made it to where messages and files being sent between two users are inevitably vanished after 60 seconds upon reading? Do you really believe that those files are truly “vanished” after the time limit? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, once it’s uploaded on the net across any platform, it exists…FOREVER.


 SO in all HONESTLY, to close this off, if you TRULY believe any currently available online commercial encryption is immune from folks like the NSA you’re fooling yourself. Unless you have something like ‘three part’ encryption technologies like (rotating key [SecurID key fob for example], or biometric (fingerprint) scanner, and properly rotated, 25+ character secure passwords) anything they can touch they can crack. Use this as a guide to help protect the data and privacy for you and your loved ones. And spread the word…

Thank you for your time,


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We Are All Interconnected

We Are All Interconnected

We Are All Interconnected More So Than We Could Ever Imagine

Today I was having a very interesting conversation with a co-worker of mine today at work. First, we were on the subject of the ever increasing trend of conversion from meat-hounding to veganism. Then we inadvertently dove into the subject of the spiritual connection of all human beings on the planet. We are all interconnected. Now, what exactly do I mean when I say that? Here are my thoughts. Allow me to explain…

We are all interconnected. I think it’s absolutely mind-blowing how we as human beings have developed a sense of self-identity that has gone completely overboard to not only exclude ourselves from the rest of society but to also glorify ourselves over others. Of course, it’s always a good thing to be able to properly identify yourself and be comfortable in your own skin with who you are. But there was a point in time in human history, even for a faint span on the timeline, when we regarded ourselves as ONE. Instead of self-identifying we identified ourselves as a  WHOLE according to a “species”. Today, you have people who are not only self-identifying themselves as gratification over others to demoralize but also identifying OTHERS of who THEY should be! Instead of accepting that person for who they have already self-identified themselves as. There are many examples I can provide that can help you better understand the importance of how “identity crisis” can have a negative effect on society. And how we should go backwards beyond ego and stop thinking highly of ourselves, but rather think about how we can help others and not become a nuisance to others through false self-identification of self and others. Let’s stop asking ourselves, who are we? And instead ask ourselves, who are we not?


We are all interconnected. Take a relationship for example. Say, you have two people who just went on a marvelous, lavish date and one of them mentioned the helpless habit that they possess of wearing nothing but blue clothing every single day. No other colors, just straight blue clothing. And at that given moment the other person hears this and just laughs it off like it’s no problem at all. About a year goes by into the relationship, and that same person who at first laughed it off like it was no big deal, has now brought it to their partners’ attention that they should no longer wear blue clothing. What was once an ignored statement that went through one ear and out the other, has now become a major problem. The person in the relationship wearing the blue clothing hears this and refuses to change their habit for the other person. The other person becomes enraged and starts becoming emotionally abusive, threatening to leave the other person if they do not change their style of clothing. What can we conclude from this scenario?

First off, the other person in the relationship gave off the impression that they accepted their mate for wearing only blue clothing on the first date. But over time, in their minds, they slowly developed a sense of false identity for this person who they have established a relationship with. First, they demoralized the person and then demanded that the person changes in an attempt to mold their identity to what was “fit” in their own mind. Sigh…why can’t love be selfless and unselfish?


“Instead of focusing on our similarities as human beings, we put an immense focus on our differences. We completely forgot about the period in time when we set aside our differences and disallowed it to be our primary focus.”

We are all interconnected. What’s even more baffling is that the person wearing the blue clothing hears this, and is in awe at the fact that their loved one would even threaten to leave them simply because of a choice of apparel they made. But then as time passes, they realize that they have established this self-identity for themselves long before they even met them, and lived a drama free life with no outside judgments. So why has this other person placed themselves in such high regard to have the audacity to control another person’s identity?

This is the rising problem that I see in today’s world. Instead of focusing on our similarities as human beings, we put an immense focus on our differences. We completely forgot about the period in time when we set aside our differences and disallowed it to be our primary focus. But only to focus on survival itself. “We Are All Inter-connected More So Than We Could Ever Imagine.” You’d think that we are all different due to language barriers, skin color, origin, etc. But what we all possess from within is a thousand times more complex than what the five senses can perceive through the physical, tangible world.  Our minds and our hearts all share an interconnected network that is so complex that we could not even begin to grasp the science behind it. Have you ever wondered why you dream of people who you’ve never seen before in real life? Maybe there is another person on the other side of the world sharing this alternate reality with you. Or maybe there is another person in an alternate universe sharing this experience with you in the continuum of time at that very moment. In fact, I remember reading an article not too long ago that stated that scientists are actually considering making the claim that dreams should be considered an alternate reality due to the fact that we spend twenty years of our lives in a dream state.  So in theory, there could actually be multiple realities that we are all experiencing on a daily basis. To go deeper into this, I truly believe that there is a neural network that every soul on this planet is experiencing simultaneously in our dream state in the same way we experience social networking in our awoken state.


“When we drive to work in the morning, and when we drive home from work in the evening, we have made the subconscious decision to be led by faith to believe that every single person on the road will drive safely and follow the rules.”


We are all interconnected. When we drive to work in the morning, and when we drive home from work in the evening, we have made the subconscious decision to be led by faith to believe that every single person on the road will drive safely and follow the rules. This faith is a re-occurrence every single day of our lives and it never stops. But somewhere, at some point, there is a person who walked out the door with that same glimmer of faith, but was rushing instead because they were late to work, because they made the subconscious decision to oversleep. Resulting in the subconscious decision to drive to work recklessly, which has now made them a danger to everyone else on the road; only to cause a fatal accident miles before reaching their destination. These series of subconscious decisions alone has now affected EVERYONE. All it takes is ONE person! Why? Because this person alone has completely broken the neural network of “faith” that we all shared upon leaving our homes. And now a life was lost in the aftermath of this choice. This person has put aside our “similarities” of the safety net for survival on the road, and instead put their focus on the “differences” by undervaluing the lives of others. I don’t know how many cases and events in the history of mankind that confirms this. NORMALLY, this person has routinely self-identified themselves as a “safe driver”, but one random morning because they were running late, chose to completely change their identity of self to a dangerous self-image that has affected the life of another person. Drunk drivers do this all the time. It’s a selfish, NON-selfless conscious decision to break the chain of interconnectivity that is needed in order to thrive as a society by driving drunk on the road, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths of innocent lives, if not more, per year. A person who has chosen to commit suicide has now affected the lives of many. In actuality, what they have done is committed a murderous act of a loved one especially if they were loved by others, and others who are on the VERGE of suicide will hear of this and could be pushed closer to the edge. These are all prime and perfect examples of how interconnected as human beings we truly are and how our decisions affect us as ONE. What we self-identify as can affect everyone. Whether it be good or bad. Because others can be influenced and affected by our thoughts, our actions, and others can also replicate our identity which causes it to spread. It doesn’t have to always be someone else attempting to change OUR identity of self, more often than not it’s the self-identity we put upon ourselves as individuals. And the cycle continues…

We are all interconnected.


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