Future of Digital Currency 2018

About 7 months ago back in May, I uploaded an informative, GREY PILL: FINANCE video on the channel titled, “THE VALUE OF BITCOIN- What To Do If You Haven’t Invested 2017” where I came up with an alternative plan for those who weren’t able to invest in Bitcoin at the time, due to how expensive it was. And mainly, the plan that I devised included investing in alt coins which were a hell of a lot cheaper at the time, and literally only a fraction of the cost of one single Bitcoin. In this video, I explain the value of digital currency and the future of digital currency.



Now during the time that video was uploaded, the value of one single Bitcoin was $2348.16. Now I understand that many of us don’t just have $2,348.16 just lying around and that’s perfectly ok. But for those who did, if in fact, you took the plunge and invested in one single bitcoin, with the value of bitcoin now reaching an astounding $15,000+ 7 months later at the time of making this video, you would have been $13,000+ in profit.  This means that in 7 months towards the end of the year, the value of bitcoin scaled up 7x times!!!
Now here’s the kicker. In that same video that I uploaded, about halfway through I mentioned some very good alt coins to invest into that would eventually become competitors to the Bitcoin. I mentioned coins like ethereum, litecoin, and many others.

Now, during the time that the video was uploaded, the value of one single ETHER or “Etherium” was around $200 and the price already scaled up about 2,000% this year. Now if you check out the price of ether today, it has reached an astounding $754.00 ! Imagine what that would be 5 years from now with increased economic favor and growth with the future of digital currency.


So even if you simply invested in only 2 ethers back in May at $200 each, you’d already be roughly $1,000+ in profit. If you invested in 5 ethers for a total investment of $1,000, you’d be roughly $2,500 in profit!!

Now it gets even more shocking that this. The last coin I’ll cover is litecoin, which, according to price charts, back in May a single unit of Litecoin was worth a whopping $28.71!!


Now today, December 23, 2017, that same litecoin has amassed a total value of $306.00!!!! Had you spent $278 and invested in only 10 litecoins, if you held them throughout the year, as of today you would have cleared a total profit of around $2,800!!! AND THAT’S JUST 10 COINS. Imagine how much you’d be in profit if you invested in 50…100…..this is unbelievable!!!
So I hope the video I uploaded back in May helped a lot of you out, and if it hasn’t that’s ok. It’s never to late to start investing into crypto simply because the alt coins that I spoke of back then in Many of which were a lot more affordable at the time have no longer become the “underdogs” per say. However, on the plus side, there are still many many more coins you can invest in that are literally pennies on the dollar, which gives us all the opportunity to get in the wave as early as possible so we won’t regret being late to the party like what happened with bitcoin. And yes I would be more than delighted to make another video covering alt coins that I myself have invested in, and the allocated breakdown of my own personal portfolio when it comes to investing in these alt coins. The future of digital currency is an opportunity that should not be taken seriously in my opinion. So stay tuned everyone, and I hope you found this information very helpful. Until next time! 🙂