“Getting out of the Rat Race” – WORKING SUCKS!

Getting out of the Rat Race

Hello fans of the PeoplesBrain blog! A new video part of the “Grey Pill: MONEY” series has been uploaded on the channel. I often have conversations with a really close friend of mine about developing plans to overcoming and getting out of the rat race. Something that I am sure millions of people wonder about every day. Which led to my discovery of this amazing blog article I came across online by Tim Righteous, which later inspired me to create this video.

There are millions of people nationwide if not worldwide who have succumb to the 9-5 grind. In a sense, people have become hamsters running non stop on a hamster wheel. You may assume that many of us have no choice, but is that really the case?

Of course, it takes money to be able to support ourselves and provide us with our necessities and living needs, but does it have to be done in a way that requires us to be part of the matrix? What if I told you that there are many other options and resources that you can make use of to work for yourself, and not have to live such a fixated lifestyle in which you are ultimately making someone ELSE richer? Getting out of the rat race is a very serious concern in the modern age but there is hope. The good news is that we live in a time where we have easy access to gobs of technology and resources that can help us achieve self employment much more faster than before the tech boom of the late 90’s.


Thankfully, there is a very popular, 5 star book that I highly recommend that got me on the right path to self employment in my personal life. It is a book titled, “The Art of Non Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau. For those who want to do the same, it all starts with the adoption of the “non conformist” mindset. Once you understand the exceeding importance of non conformity and going your own way by constructing your very own life path in which you make the rules, you start to see the positive changes take affect. And the feeling of true freedom is nothing short of pure liberation!

Credits go to Tim Righteous of the “Sacred Lands” blog for the dialogue in the posted video. (Any recommendations throughout the video can also be found at the end of the article). http://www.sacredlands.org/workingsucks.htm