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Google Earth Online 2017- STRANGE FINDINGS! (120!) *Video Series*

Google Earth Online 2017- STRANGE FINDINGS! (120!) *Video Series*

Google Earth Online 2017- STRANGE FINDINGS! (120!) *Video Series*

Hello ladies and gentlemen of Youtube. Welcome to my new video series TITLED “Google Earth Online- Strange Findings (120!) 2017.
Now I’m sure many people have heard of Google Earth Online, and for those of you who haven’t, I’ll give you a brief rundown of what it is.  Google Earth is basically a program created by Google that allows the user to view the planet using satellite technology.  You can also view outer space which surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know about because- I guess they automatically assume that it’s only planet based due to the name of the program.


Google Earth Live
Google Earth is an Excellent Tool that Allows you To See the Planet at your leisure


Now the cool thing about Google Earth is that you can run the program within your browser in its own tab at any time, or you can download the program and run it from your desktop. I myself have been using Google Earth since early 2007 and there would be times when I would stay up around the clock searching up different landmarks, historical sites, hidden places and the whole 9. I’d also spend a lot of time viewing different constellations and planets as well. Now because this technology is free and so readily available to anyone at no cost, with almost no difficulty, this gives everyone the ability to pretty much view the planet as they please.  And because of this, many users have discovered some pretty strange and interesting things on the planet, I myself included.


In this series, take a journey with me as I explore the most up to date, strangest findings on Google Earth known to users as of this year (2017). Some are absolutely mind blowing, breath taking, and others are quite creepy and bone-chilling as well.  Through research, I have gathered a total of 120 of the best strangest findings on Google Earth that I’ll be sharing with you throughout this video series, with audio commentary. I’ll be going through the list starting from #1, all the way to #120 and typing in each set of coordinates, to show you a live, unedited and unaltered view of each location. As proof, in the video description below, I’ll provide everyone with that same exact file that you can download so you can have access to all these coordinates and the info about each location, at your leisure, for personal use.  I do want to also add that some of these locations have “mysteriously” been either blurred out or completely covered by Google themselves, in an attempt to hide whatever was once visible. In this case, I’ll provide an image on screen of what was visible BEFORE it was hidden. This is definitely going to be a fun, intriguing and interesting video series and I cannot wait to share these locations with you all. Hope you all enjoy this series of “Google Earth Online– Strange Findings.”

The Value of Bitcoin- What To Do If You Haven’t Already Invested 2017 (Damn!)

The Value of Bitcoin- What To Do If You Haven’t Already Invested 2017 (Damn!)


The Value of Bitcoin. What To Do If You Haven’t Already Invested (Damn!)

If you’re a fan of cryptocurrencies but never really took the initiative to actually invest in it, then you’re probably sick upon hearing the sudden hype about Bitcoins.  As of right now at the time of this article posting, the current value of Bitcoin has surpassed an astounding $2000. Which has a current market value of exactly $2348.16 and growing. In other words, the value of bitcoin, or the bitcoin exchange rate is equal to 1 single unit of Bitcoin for $2,348.16 (US Dollars)  “btc to usd”. “Shoulda Woulda Coulda” is a disheartening understatement, to say the least.

There was a time many years back when I was obsessed with cryptocurrencies and learning more about how they may potentially wipe away the American dollar. We already heard about the age old “Amero” conspiracy floating around, which was a currency that was supposed to be enforced for the North American regions. But who would have thought a Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin would be worth SO MUCH? I recently read on article on that stated,

“If You Bought $5 of Bitcoin 7 Years Ago, You’d Be $4.4 Million Richer”

Now if we build a time machine to go back to the year 2010, this would have been easier said than done. There was a small, optimistic populous of people who undoubtedly invested in Bitcoin, not even having the slightest clue of its success less than a decade later. However, what I find the most baffling is how most of the world let this currency fly completely over their heads for so long. Or just cryptocurrencies in general. I myself included. People are just now grasping the concept of how digital coins work and how they can be used effectively for selling and purchasing power. Unfortunately (and fortunately for some) at this time, this currency isn’t just a few dollars per unit like it used to be.  This is why investing is a skill and hobby that I feel more and more people should learn and adopt into their life to help improve their finances. Just like the article state, a few dollars invested in Bitcoin 7 years ago would grant you the millionaire status overnight. Thanks to Chris Dunn of, I owe it to him for teaching me the art and science of investing for a millennial such as myself.

Now’s A Good Time To Start Looking Into CryptoCurrency Investments

At this very moment, I’m positive that you have millions of people searching terms in Google like, “where to buy bitcoin” or “best cryptocurrencies to invest in“. The world is catching on to this wave and no one wants to get left behind. In my experience, I’ve always had the strange notion to focus and pay more attention to ‘the underdog’ of everything. For example, if I know right now that the Bitcoin is the #1 highest selling cryptocurrency right now, I’m going to obviously keep my eye on the Bitcoin, but pay more attention to ‘alternative cryptocurrencies‘ or ‘alt-coins’.  Why? Because there may be a sudden and unexpected SURGE of the alternatives in a time when Cryptocurrencies could rise to a peak. If Bitcoin is performing as well as it is right now, who’s to say that an alternative like ‘LITECOIN’ or ‘ETHEREUM’ won’t do the same? Maybe this could be the perfect time to start investing in these other cryptocurrencies while they are still cheap, whatever the outcome??


Here are two interesting facts about Bitcoin that I came across in an article from 

  • “Bitcoins work as a payment solution like Paypal, Payza or those types of sites.  It eliminates the need for the typical banking transaction fees associated with large volume transfers of money.  With Bitcoin, any two parties can do business without borders, and without fees.  The general public still doesn’t understand this fact.”

  • “Bitcoin is now processing more transactions than Paypal and is less than 1/10th of its age.”

“Would it be a good idea to invest in the alternatives?”


Bitcoin Miners: How They Generate GOBS of Cash Per Day. (Hundreds If Not THOUSANDS) 

According to the Wikipedia, Bitcoin Mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger of past transactions. This ledger of past transactions is called the block chain as it is a chain of blocks. The block chain serves to confirm transactions to the rest of the network as having taken place. Bitcoin nodes use the block chain to distinguish legitimate Bitcoin transactions from attempts to re-spend coins that have already been spent elsewhere.

To quickly understand how this works, I recommend viewing this short, 10-minute documentary where MotherboardTV gained access to a massive, secretive Bitcoin mine housed within a repurposed factory in the Liaoning Province in rural northeast China.


“The mining site in the video is one of six total mining sites, owned and ran by 4 secretive people. It supposedly cumulatively generateS 4,050 bitcoins a month, equivalent to a monthly gross of $1.5 MILLION….”

The Future of BitCoin and Other Alt-Coins

It is no surprise that virtual currencies of all kinds will be taking the planet by storm. There’s already an increasingly high demand for Bitcoin in countries like Japan and China. Japan’s Peach Aviation is even accepting payments in all forms of digital currency, primarily Bitcoin.  Now the real question is, will digital currency completely replace paper currency and if so, can we stamp a timeframe on this? To make better sense of it all, a book that I purchased just recently titled,

The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Challenging the Global Economic Order

helped me understand the alarming phenomenon of how digial currencies are challenging the failing fiat currency that we make use of today. In fact, this book provided me with a mindblowing perspective that helped me apprehend the secret connection between digital currency and AI (artificial intelligence)- which is a topic that I already had a keen interest and pre-existing knowledge of. What is to come in these next few years, of what seems to already be manifested, cannot possibly be concieved in a book or blog article. It is beyond me, but I do know that technology is improving at such a rapid rate, that what we once thought was impossible, is slowly becoming the norm. Throw in digital currencies like Bitcoins and you now have a world where basic monetary transactions will be heading in a strange yet highly convienient new direction.


Intellectual Self Defense: 7 Video Playlist Complete!

Intellectual Self Defense: 7 Video Playlist Complete!


Hello everyone!

Rayneoflyte here. I would like to share a positive update with everyone and let you know that the Intellectual Self Defense 7 Video series has finally been completed and updated! You can view the playlist by clicking the photo above. Or by clicking the link here

So glad to have finished off this video series with a bang. Upon finishing the series, just as I promised, you should be more educated, well rounded and mentally prepared when it comes to being engaged in arguments and/or debates. Or even studying and analyzing the arguments and debates of others. Something that I feel is a very important and necessary tool for people to make use of to help get their points across in the most effective way possible.


And to push it a step even further, If you haven’t already done so, check out this book:

“Logically Fallacious: The Ultimate Collection of Over 300 Logical Fallacies”

for a list of over 300 known logical fallacies! 

Hope you all found this series very helpful and as always, please don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks! 



Update: Youtube & Blog Inactivity | Family Emergencies

Update: Youtube & Blog Inactivity | Family Emergencies

UPDATE: I would like to apologize to all my fans, (both YT subscribers, YT non-subscribers, and blog viewers) for the sudden inactivity in content uploads. From the middle of April till now I have run into some serious family emergencies that I needed to fully attend to. But all is well now and things are better. Thank you for understanding. You all have been patient and I am humbled by the ongoing positive feedback. Lots of more great content rolling in like normal from here on out.




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