Black History Secrets: 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro (New Video Series)

Hello everyone!

I have decided to partake in creating a new (TWO PART) series exclusively covering untold black history facts to share with the world.

“100 Amazing facts About The Negro: By J.A. Rodgers.”
J.A. Rogers devoted over fifty years of his life to his research. He had not only looked at world history but also at the history of people of African origin, and has shown how their history is an inseparable part of the history of mankind.

This video is for those seeking a deeper knowledge and understanding of African American History while seeking TRUTH and WISDOM. I will cover many more videos diving deep into the UNTOLD history of different Racial Groups around the world.


Get your hands on a physical copy of the book below:

DISCLAIMER: Please accept this information with an open mind my friends. All sources and proof of the information shared in the video can be found within the book itself. Sources can also be found via the world wide web. ALSO, I want to acknoledge the fact that some of the information in this video may be offensive to some. As we all know, such information has a tendency to cause a bit controversy (no matter WHAT the history is about or WHO it pertains to) but I’m only sharing this to strictly educate only those who seek. Because as you all know this was my #1 mission from the start. I do not wish to stir the pot. That is all.