What Animal am I Quiz: Which of these animals are YOU?

What Animal am I Quiz

Hello everyone!

About a week ago I shared a free personality test called “The Four Animal Personality Test” on my Youtube Channel that can be used on friends, family members, business prospects or even in the dating world. This has proven to be one of the many, most accurate personality tests to date. The reason why I’m sharing this is to help you better identify and know different people.

Now this is an actual fact: There are approximately 32 personalities and many variations of those personalities. Following this further, psychologists have actually determined that there are 4 main personalities that can be identified from any population of people. In this case, broken down into 4 animals: A Lion, A Koala Bear, A Monkey and an Owl.

So click the link to find out, which animal am I?


So first before I go into it, to make this much more understandable for everyone. I’m going to break the personality traits down into different categories.


You can watch the video here!