“Re-interpreting Our Past” by Les Brown (Motivational Speaker)

About 3 years ago, I remember going through what I would recall as a very “dark period” in my life. A time that was filled with depression, self-doubt and heartbreak. The only things that gave me a sense of emotional stabilization was the art of music and writing. In hard times, I usually try and steer clear of any acts that may be harmful to my health, and instead spend my time watching motivational videos or reading motivational books (including the bible of course). But I also discovered that the power of writing is beyond comprehension. Even if the writing does not come directly from your own brain and you’re writing someone else’s material. It has the power to jump shift your mind into a more positive outlook and direction. It gives you that extra ‘push’ that quickly lunges you out of bed in the morning, as opposed to waking up zombified and dragging your feet to start off your day. At least that’s what it did for me!

Hence, the reason why I am sharing this post with you. To share a powerful piece of material that I personally wrote to myself on this exact day, February 16th, 3 years ago (2/16/2014). One of the best inspirational and motivation quotes. I included a photo of this writing below. I was surprised to have found this in an old folder that was stashed away up in my closet!


This piece of writing is a quote by the popular motivational speaker “Les Brown” that completely changed my life from that day forward. On that day, I was listening to one of his motivational speeches that was almost two hours long (I wish I knew which one it was), and it was something that he said that stuck with me the most. So much that I actually reminded the clip, and wrote down everything he said word for word for my own personal use. The interesting part about all this is how I just so happened to come across this piece of writing today, exactly 3 years later down to the date. Must be a sign.

And the writing is as followed (written 2/16/2015):

“Understanding and knowing that we can move from where we are, that we can begin to design the kind of life that empowers us. That gives us happiness, that enables us to be on top of who we are. Know that as we begin to explore new horizons and new vistas in life that as we begin to focus on developing ourselves….as we begin to elevate ourselves and not to follow the crowd. Activating the thinker in us and disciplining and putting on hold the emotional part of ourselves. It’s not easy but through practice and practice, and practice DOES NOT make perfect, practice makes improvement. You can always better your best and you can always go beyond ANYTHING that you have ever done. You’re never here to state a perfection. You’re always bigger than what you do. And so all you’re looking for are new breakthroughs through practice and practice and practice you’ll get better and better. And there will still be things that happen to you that will catch you on the blindside. That you did NOT anticipate. You’ll get knocked down but you won’t get knocked out, You’ll be able to get back on your feet again and be on the ropes. But you’ll have a fast recovery rate, when you work on yourself….read inspirational books, listen to tapes that begin to inspire you. And stay around people who will EMPOWER you. People that will help you feel good about who you are, as you are in the process of transforming your life. Life is so beautiful….”

-Les Brown

Thank-you Les Brown for the ever-so empowering words of wisdom. These past 3 years have been a true joyride.