BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT (5 senses explained)

BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT (5 senses explained)

Hello Everyone! I think it is very important to understand the body, soul & spirit and how all three make up the collaborative functions  of our very existence. I recently uploaded part 3 of the “Understanding The Spirit World” series titled “Part 3: Part 3: “BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT (5 senses explained) *DEEP*”. If you did not see the preface video, please visit the link here:…

This video will follow-up with part 2 as I read two very important chapters in reference to the Spirit World from the book-

“Dispensational Truth : Or God’s Plan and Purpose in the Age” -By Clarence Larkin. (FULL BOOK)

Book summary: The Greatest Book on Dispensational Truth in the World. This is Larkin’s famous book on dispensationalism that includes his beautifully drawn black and white charts. A must have book for any student of dispensationalism. Over 115 charts, maps, and woodcuts. Great Truths of the Bible With One of a Kind Charts. This book is the result of 30 years study of Dispensational Truth. Guaranteed to be one of the most sound and unique books you will ever find. The teaching is outstanding and the charts are unbelievable. It is of permanent value and will be a standard authority on “Dispensational Truth,” and is a gold mine of information on “Prophetic Truth” for the busy Pastor, Evangelist, Bible Teacher, and all lovers of the Word.

(FULL BOOK-  To purchase a physical copy, click below:)

Many Credits and Thanks to the works of Clarence Larkin for his AWESOME research and disquisition.***