What does the CIA do? How to Read Body Language

What does the CIA do? How to Read Body Language

Hello everyone!

Hope 2017 is going well for you! I have uploaded the FIRST video of 2017 on my Youtube Channel for my Grey Pill Series titled, “Interrogation Methods and Techniques” *Used by the Feds*. What does the CIA do when it comes to government interrogation techniques? Learn how to read body language here!

As you already know, the Grey Pill Series is a playlist I started late last year that dives alot deeper into topics such as conspiracy theories, health, psychology, technology, and the whole 9 yards.  I came up with this idea to give myself freedom to cover an array of topics separate from my audio narrations, that I feel would be useful and beneficial (in some way) to those who want to gain knowledge as they seek and find the information.  Although the Grey Pill Series is still fresh and new in age, I have received alot of praise and appreciation from my viewers that it has gained thus far. And that’s what keeps me going! 🙂

Believe me, I already have roughly over 30+ ideas for new videos just for my “Grey Pill Series” alone.  Which leads us to the first video of 2017….

Interrogation Methods and Techniques *Used by the Feds*

“Doing what we do best always carries the risk of someone, somewhere, wanting to hold you for questioning. In this video I hope to give those persons who that are in use (and are in no ways happen to be all new), that can give you the edge you need to come away “sin faulta”. In fact, these interrogation practices are used a lot by teachers, local police, the FBI and Secret Service girlfriends, wives, parents, etc. to obtain information from you that you probably don’t want to give out.

Interrogation is the art of questioning and examining a source in order to obtain the maximum amount of useful information. The goal of any interrogation is to obtain useful and reliable information in a lawful manner and in a minimum amount of time. The goal of any source is to deceive or hinder any attempts of the interrogator to get information out of him.”

There is an EXTREMELY informative book that goes alot deeper into all of this that I recommend to ANYONE interested in this subject. BECOME A MASTER AT READING PEOPLE.***
Please check out the book here: 

What does the CIA do?

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