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YT Growth: 2000 SUBS + Awesome growth in the past 28 days!

YT Growth: 2000 SUBS + Awesome growth in the past 28 days!


I am VERY humbled and happy to announce that not only has the youtube channel received awesome growth within the past 28 days, but I have reached 2000 subscribers! I’m also nearing 300k views for the life of the channel! That’s over a quarter of a million views 🙂

Yes, the sub count may seem like a small #, but to me that is astounding considering the fact that the audience that I do have is very niche based, and the retention rate on mostly all my videos (the time spent per video viewing) is sky high. And it’s only growing more and more every day.

I would like to thank everyone for viewing my channel as well as my BLOG and showing your love, support and appreciation. I have aligned and positioned myself in my personal life to be able to dedicate more time into releasing more content.  Although I have not yet reached my goal of being able to do this full time, slowly but surely I’ve been noticing the increase of monetary support for my efforts. And soon I can definitely see myself doing this full time within due time!

Thank-you again my friends! And God bless.


Are Ghosts Real? Understanding the Spirit World: *New Video Series*

Are Ghosts Real? Understanding the Spirit World: *New Video Series*

Are Ghosts Real? Understanding the Spirit World: 

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome and God bless. In this preface video, I would like introduce to you a new series that I’ll be starting, that will cover TWO very important chapters or rather, excerpts from a book that was given to me by my mother that I read from front to back and found extremely interesting and beneficial to my own personal study of the spirit world within various ancient biblical texts. Many of you have probably asked the age-old question, “are spirits real?”  Hence, the title of this series called “Understanding The Spirit World”.  In this series you’ll find out what the bible  As you all know, I only bring you the best of information and research, and this would definitely be one of the most important series of videos on my channel you’ll see to date. The reason for this is because I feel like once everyone has a better understanding of the spirit world and how it operates, whether you believe in it or not, its videos like these that I hope will at least open your mind to the possibility of such a concept. I say this because, I feel like the majority of my viewers breaks down into three types. The first are those who believe all the information within my videos to be factual and historical. The second are those who believe all the information within my videos to be more literature based and allegorical. And of course the third are those who do not believe in any of the information I put out at all. Either way, I don’t judge, I have a very open and neutral heart, and I will continue to share the information with all three groups. Because who’s to say that those who do not believe whatsoever, won’t consider it to be allegorical or even factual in the future. And vice versa for those who do actually believe.

And this is why I do what I do! 

So in this series I would like to read TWO very important chapters from a book titled, “Dispensational Truth: Or God’s Plan and Purpose in the Ages by Clarence Larkin.” And of course by the end of each video if you found the information helpful or if you’d like to get a full copy of the book, you can simply visit the link below this article- the book is actually priced quite affordably in my opinion. Now, I read this entire book front to back and this won’t be the only video in which I cover certain exerpts of the book, but I’ll make videos referencing the most important information that I found within the book, and then you can decide whether or not youd like to purchase the book. But I will say that this is one of the best books I have ever read concerning biblical texts. So let’s go right into it.

Click here to view the series! 🙂

“Dispensational Truth : Or God’s Plan and Purpose in the Age” -By Clarence Larkin. (FULL BOOK)

(FULL BOOK-  To purchase a physical copy, click below:)

Many Credits and Thanks to the works of Clarence Larkin for his AWESOME research and disquisition.***



What does the CIA do? How to Read Body Language

What does the CIA do? How to Read Body Language

What does the CIA do? How to Read Body Language

Hello everyone!

Hope 2017 is going well for you! I have uploaded the FIRST video of 2017 on my Youtube Channel for my Grey Pill Series titled, “Interrogation Methods and Techniques” *Used by the Feds*. What does the CIA do when it comes to government interrogation techniques? Learn how to read body language here!

As you already know, the Grey Pill Series is a playlist I started late last year that dives alot deeper into topics such as conspiracy theories, health, psychology, technology, and the whole 9 yards.  I came up with this idea to give myself freedom to cover an array of topics separate from my audio narrations, that I feel would be useful and beneficial (in some way) to those who want to gain knowledge as they seek and find the information.  Although the Grey Pill Series is still fresh and new in age, I have received alot of praise and appreciation from my viewers that it has gained thus far. And that’s what keeps me going! 🙂

Believe me, I already have roughly over 30+ ideas for new videos just for my “Grey Pill Series” alone.  Which leads us to the first video of 2017….

Interrogation Methods and Techniques *Used by the Feds*

“Doing what we do best always carries the risk of someone, somewhere, wanting to hold you for questioning. In this video I hope to give those persons who that are in use (and are in no ways happen to be all new), that can give you the edge you need to come away “sin faulta”. In fact, these interrogation practices are used a lot by teachers, local police, the FBI and Secret Service girlfriends, wives, parents, etc. to obtain information from you that you probably don’t want to give out.

Interrogation is the art of questioning and examining a source in order to obtain the maximum amount of useful information. The goal of any interrogation is to obtain useful and reliable information in a lawful manner and in a minimum amount of time. The goal of any source is to deceive or hinder any attempts of the interrogator to get information out of him.”

There is an EXTREMELY informative book that goes alot deeper into all of this that I recommend to ANYONE interested in this subject. BECOME A MASTER AT READING PEOPLE.***
Please check out the book here: 

What does the CIA do?

Check out more HERE!

My New Years “Sleep Paralysis Experience”. True Story *Scary*

My New Years “Sleep Paralysis Experience”. True Story *Scary*

For those of you who have already had a “Sleep Paralysis Experience” once, or a multitude of times; I’m sure you’ll be able to relate with this post. For those who have never experienced this unexplainable phenomena before, let me share with you my own personal Sleep Paralysis experience that happened roughly 30 minutes into the New Years (January 1, 2017 @ 12:30 A.M).

When it comes to Sleep Paralysis I feel like a majority of people who have either experienced it and/or heard of it only think of it as some form of sleep deprivation. Perhaps, a chemical imbalance that happens in the brain as our body makes the grand attempt to fully induce itself into a sleeping state. But then there are those, such as myself, who believe Sleep paralysis to be something much deeper. And by deeper I mean, a paranormal experience having something to do with the spirit realm. One important thing I would like to include in this post is a very interesting article I came across online titled “What does the BIBLE say about Sleep Paralysis?” posted by (11 Nov. 2016).


So going back to my story, prior to New Years even happening, my grandparents held a nye party at their house and friends and family were invited. I was beyond tired as I had a very stressful week and was not feeling up to being in a party mood. I felt mentally drained, lethargic, overall just very tired. So I actually passed out on one of the beds in an unoccupied bedroom while everyone else ranted and hollered in the background to bring in the New Years. After the 10 second countdown to bring in New Years day, I immediately passed out into what I would describe as, “a dark abyss“. Now mind you, I did not have a single drop of liquor/alcohol as I personally do not drink. I also do not partake in drugs of any sort. So to quickly draw the conclusion by blaming the cause on any mind-altering substances for this experience, would be unnecessary.

Paranormal Activity- 

Roughly 30 minutes after 12:00 midnight into New Years day, I opened my eyes and looked at the clock that read exactly “12:30” and I made the instinctive attempt to get out of bed and use the restroom- but to my surprise, I literally could not move a single muscle in my body. In fact, the only muscle I could move were my eyes. At this very moment, it did not fully register to me what exactly was going on. However, I can assure you 300% that this was not some sort of lucid dreaming experience. I have had numerous lucid dreaming experiences and I am pretty sure I could decipher the difference. The strange thing about all this is that I was fully aware that I was awake and my eyes were wide open, I just could not move my body whatsoever.  I also remember being in a state of deafness and not being able to hear anything going on throughout the rest of the house.

A few seconds later, I looked up at the ceiling and felt a large, weight being pressed down upon me. It felt as if someone took a large, marble slab that I could not see; and just placed it on top of my body. Or an unknown force pinning my body down to the bed. Now while experiencing this, again, I could not move my body whatsoever-  I could not even open my mouth to speak. I couldn’t even attempt to flex my muscles. All my motor skills in my body were just shut down except for my eyes. All I could do was just continue looking up at the ceiling and shifting  my eyes in despair, wondering what the hell was going on. What happened next is what really freaked me out. On one side of the bed, I literally felt the comforter sheet being ‘PULLED’ and ‘TUGGED’ repeatedly in a very fast, forceful motion. The sheet itself did not move and I never saw it move, I only FELT this happening. A few seconds later I remember saying these words in my head, “Lord please save me from this…” and then I blinked my eyes and when I opened my eyes, it all stopped immediately. I remember moving my head and shaking my body to confirm that the experience was done and over with. My entire body was sweating, and when I looked back at the clock, it still read “12:30AM”. I did not even get out of bed to use the restroom like I had originally planned. I was so terrified and stunned at what happened, that it took a moment for my brain to even process it all. It’s almost as if I completely forgot even coming into the room and falling asleep in the first place. Like I lost track of time. I knew that this had to have been some sort of paranormal, demonic experience.


Now some of you who are reading this might assume that I am loony beyond belief. But please believe me when I say that this a real, actual and honest experience that I had. In fact, millions of people around the world have personally witnessed this so for me to make this up on my own would be erroneous. I have been a victim of numerous experiences similar to this one that have occurred in my life, tracing all the way back to my childhood. The last time I experienced this particular paranormal phenomena was a few years ago back in 2013 when I was going through a dark period of deep depression. But back during that time, it actually happened to me numerous times on a nightly basis. But even during that period of depression, It was nowhere near as terrifying as this recent experience. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, if you’ve ever been a victim of Sleep Paralysis, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. If you have never experienced this before, I’m sure you’ll experience this at least once in your lifetime. But one thing I can say for certain is that I myself did not posess the strength to pull myself out of it. I had to call on the divine force to lift the dark veil that was placed upon me so that I can be saved. I do this every single time, and the divine force has never failed me. Not even once.  As it has never failed many others…



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