“You Haven’t Met Yourself Yet…” (Amazing quote from the movie “Waking Life”)

“You haven’t met yourself yet. But the advantage, to meeting others in the meantime is….

that one of them may present you to yourself…”    Movie: “Waking Life” (2001)


Remember hearing quotes like,

“People walk into your life for a reason.”


“People come into your life for reasons, seasons or to stay.”

I feel like these quotes hold alot of power and meaning to them because the truth about human relations is inevitable. I remember watching this movie as a young kid called “Waking Life (2001)” and obviously at the time- I did not possess a lick of mental prowess to be able to decipher the meaning behind this movie.  But now as an adult 15 years later, after watching it for the second time I can definitely conclude that this is a movie that hits home for me. Waking Life is a movie written and directed by Richard Linklater about a man who shuffles through a dream meeting various people and discussing the meanings and purposes of the universe. The protagonist takes you on a mental journey as you join him on his quest for curiosity of the unknown. Or shall I say, “the not yet known”. Not only is this movie mind-blowing to say the least, but after watching it- it feels like it forcefully grants you a new frame of mind. It presents you with a gift that gives you a sense of heightened awareness and appreciation as the light-bulb illuminates inside your head.

This pretty much sums up my thoughts after watching the movie. I must say, alot of what is said in the movie flew over my head and I had to catch it before it flew too far. It’s one of those movies that makes you pause and stare into a random void of space as you attempt to crack the code of the dialogue.

“You haven’t met yourself yet. But the advantage, to meeting others in the meantime is….

that one of them may present you to yourself…”


Upon hearing this, the first thing that came to mind is ‘relationships‘.

Me myself personally, I’ve always been an advocate of referencing life to a book itself. A book can be thick, and it can also be thin. All the chapters of this ‘book’ are numbered by the experiences we have. As the main protagonist of this ‘book’, we exist in our own individual story.  With the predestination to complete our story from front to back cover.  As we undergo a myriad of experiences, through time, the chapters in our story mold and shape who we become as a person.  Not only experiences, but different characters within our story also influence our thoughts and actions. While our response to those same thoughts and actions contribute to our future.

For those of us who have experienced relationships, we have already witnessed the impact that these different ‘characters‘ have made on our lives. Whether the impact was a positive or negative impact, the truth remains that each person has taught us something about our-self that we did not know prior to meeting them. They teach us about what we find tolerable and intolerable- thus concluding whether or not such a person is worthy of a reserved spot in our future.  Some people can be a reflection of ourselves, while others can show us our true reflection that we refuse to acknowledge. Such a quote so short in prose yet so significant in it’s context is bound to leave someone in a true state of profound thought.



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