Cave of Treasures Books – Playlist Series (March 2016)

Cave of Treasures Books

*The Untold secrets of Genesis*


IN the centuries immediately preceding the Christian Era certain
professional Jewish scribes composed a number of works which may
well be described as “historical romances,” and which were based on the
histories of the patriarchs and others as found in the four main divisions
of the text of the Hebrew Bible. There is little doubt that most of these
works were written either in Hebrew or in the Palestinian vernacular of
the period. One of the oldest of such works appears to be the “Book of
Jubilees” (see page 3), (also called the “Lesser Genesis” and the
“Apocalypse of Moses”), which derives its name from the fact that the
periods of time described in it are Jubilees, i.e.each period contains
forty-nine years. It is more or less a Commentary on the Book of
Genesis. That a version of this book existed in Greek is proved by the
quotations given by Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis in Cyprus (born
about A.D. 320, and died in 403 or 404), in his work on “Heresies”
(chapter xxxix). The author claimed boldly that his work contains the
revelations which were made to Moses by the command of God by the
Archangel Michael, who is frequently described as the “Angel of the
Face,” The book is not wholly original, for it contains narratives and
traditions derived from the works of earlier writers; and some of the
legends appear to have been taken from early Babylonian sources. The
Hebrew, or Aramean, original is lost, and the complete work is only
found in Ethiopic, in which language it is known as “Kûfâlê,” or
“Sections.” The Ethiopic translation was made from Greek.
Another pre-Christian work, also written by a Jew, is the “Book of
Enoch,” which exists now in a more or less complete form, only in an
Ethiopic translation, which was made from the Greek. This work is
quoted by St. Jude (vv. 14, 15), and there is little doubt that for some three
or four centuries its authority, both among the Jews and the Christians of
the first and second centuries of our Era, was very great. Whether the

“Book of Enoch,” as made known to us by the Ethiopic version, truly
represents the original Hebrew work is fairly open to doubt; in fact, it
seems certain that it does not. It contains a series of fragments or parts of
works, of somewhat similar character, which has been strung together,
and then added to by writers of different schools of religious thought at
different periods. In some parts of it traces have been found of beliefs
which are neither Jewish nor Christian.


The “COT (Cave of Treasures) series is the first of many biblical book series posted on my Youtube Channel. The “COT” series is a follow-up to another video on the channel titled “75 Books Removed from the ORIGINAL Bible”, in which I share an audio-narrative format of various biblical books removed from the Bible.

Cave of Treasures takes place after Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden. And it mainly goes deeper into WHY Adam and Eve were EXPELLED from the Garden.

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