9-5 Job v.s Pursuing your Dreams (Amazing Youtube Comment)

Sadly, alot of us (especially the younger adult crowd) are suffering in fear and dismay of either pursuing our dreams, or sticking with the career that pays. I think the #1 reason why we suffer from this ‘Tug O’ War’ phase is because we fear that our passions, dreams and aspirations will not support us financially, due to the hard times that we are currently and have been facing. This ultimately leads to feelings of uneasiness, disdain and unmotivation. Deep down inside, we all wish we could just find a way to bridge our natural born talents to a financial tether that could support us without worrying about ‘paying our bills’ or running out of money. Ultimately, due to these negative emotions we feel like we are forced into  immersion of this monotonous lifestyle until something ‘pops up’ out of the blue. A draw of luck per say….a blessing from above- a shake of the ‘right’ hand. Whatever you want to call it.

When I have talks with people about this particular dilemma, I often tell them this. As I feel like this breaks this whole thing down much better and gives people a clearer understanding of the concept. There are 2 types of people in this world and every single human on this planet breaks down into one of these 2 categories.

People who live for stability and security. 


And People who live for freedom and expression. 


The people who live for stability and security are the ones who, even though they may possess multiple talents, already have it hardwired into their brains to pursue a lifestyle of stability and security. These are the ones who are so adamant and determined to earn that college degree and rack up whatever other forms of education they can accumulate over time. These are the ones who have no problem going to work day in and day out, because what’s important to them is the stable ‘paycheck’ and earned salary.  In retrospect, some of these individuals deep down inside constantly go through periods of doubt or boredom where they often feel like they are at the ‘wrong place’ and that there must be something better that provides more freedom. But because they have already conditioned and prepared themselves for such a career, they figured, “what’s the point of leaving now?” Not only that, but the more time that passes, the more it makes it harder for them to make the transition due to the subconscious commitment they have already placed themselves into.

And then you have the second type: The type that I myself fall under. The people who live for freedom and expression. These are the free-spirits, the ‘risk takers’ of the planet who instead prefer to hone in their natural talents and abilities and pursue a career that revolves around just that. They live in silence, but hope that one day the passions they share with others will make all the noise. They seek self-expression through art. They dread the monotonous, repetitive lifestyle. They prefer to have the ability to move around, travel and live life ‘on the fly’ rather than feeling stuck in one place for long periods of time. The problem with this is that it undoubtedly requires alot more creativity, drive and determination to even take the first few steps. The reason for that is because these types of people understand the reality. The REALITY that security and stability is harder to come by when you follow your dreams because making alot of money wasn’t even your concern in the first place. Thus, the concern in the first place was wondering how and when you’ll be able to make a living for yourself doing what you love.

But the truth about all this, is that life comes with no guarantees.

So those who prefer a lifestyle of stability and security, cannot assume that that stability and security will last forever because anything can happen at any given moment.

And those who prefer a lifestyle of freedom and expression, might one day expect the possibility that they may be placed in unfortunate circumstances that could shift their entire world overnight.

The point I’m trying to make is that no matter which one of these types you fall under, there are pros and cons to both. Risks and rewards for both. So what should we do about all this???

Interestingly enough, right before writing this post I just so happened to be ‘Googling’ about this topic to read up on forums and get a broader scope of the thoughts and ideas of others who analyze these exact points. And maybe this is a sign or some sort of divine intuition, but I came across a video on Youtube which involved a Ted-Talk about “Following Your Dreams”.


And like all Youtube videos, within seconds of viewing; I immediately scroll down to see what others are talking about in the comments. And this is the comment that I found (below). No need for me to even continue on with this post in my own words as this comment has an extremely powerful message behind it and sums up everything I wanted to convey and more. Enjoy….

“My co-worker and I had a running bet. We both hated our jobs and each put up $500 to the first one to quit. I still text him every now and then and ask how the old job is treating him, same as always he would reply. I think every year that you don’t follow your passion, the thicker the career skin grows. Every year this skin grows thicker and thicker, encapsulating all your hopes, dreams and ambitions. Until one year, you just give in. You accept your position in the world and throw in the towel, you are an (_____) and that is what you will be until you retire. “Well, at least I’ll have my retirement years, that will be fun.” I hate to tell people to quit their job to follow their passions, but quit your jobs and follow your passions! The more people who do, the more people will get the needed encouragement to do the same. It’s not about luck, it’s about breaking through the fear. I have fear everyday, I don’t know if my new business venture will work out, but at least I’m going to give it a shot. I’d be more disappointed if I didn’t try at all vs failing. I listened to an audiobook “30 Lessons for Living” a few weeks before I quit. You need to read it. This guy interviewed 100s of elderly people and asked them what they would do differently. One of the questions was about a career change. “Spending 2000 hours a year at a job you hate is a waste of life,” is how one of them replied. The consensus of most was to just find something else, anything else. Don’t live in misery. ”


Thankyou Jason Ray.