The Best Usage For Hydrogen Peroxide

The Best Usage for Hydrogen Peroxide

If you’re like me, and you grew up with a mother and grandmother who practiced homeopathy and natural medicine; you remember irritable things like castor oil and hydrogen peroxide. But we didn’t really understand the best usage for Hydrogen Peroxide. When it came down to looks, smell and taste, it was NO fun. As children, these are things that we despised and it was only until adulthood once we actually discovered the importance of such remedies. Health, nutrition, and wellness is extremely vital for human life. It always has, and always will be. But not everyone believes in the true power that lies in these natural health practices. Why is that???

People have to understand that in the realm of Medicine, it breaks down into two different categories- natural medicine, and Pharmaceuticals. One comes with a cure, the other comes with a price to pay. And not to mention, according to statistics- one also causes tons more deaths than the other. Let’s analyze the chart below and have a good look at the reality of all this shall we?


As you can see in the picture above, pharmaceuticals cause about 25x times MORE annual deaths than actual firearms which were created for the sole purpose to kill. Mike Adams, author of the Health Ranger and Editor of states that,

“You are 64 times more likely to be killed by your doctor than by someone else wielding a gun. That’s because 19,766 of the total 31,940 gun deaths in the USA (in the year 2011) were suicides. So the actual number of deaths from other people shooting you is only 12,174.

Doctors, comparatively, kill 783,936 people each year, which is 64 times higher than 12,174. Doctors shoot you not with bullets, but with vaccines, chemotherapy and pharmaceuticals… all of which turn out to be FAR more deadly than guns.

This is especially amazing, given that there are just under 700,000 doctors in America, while there are roughly about 80 million gun owners in America..”
Infographic @: Thursday, January 31, 2013
by Mike Adams,

These statistics should not be slept on….they also shouldn’t be too much of a shock to you, as most of us are already aware of all the negatives of medication side-affects. But if it is a shock to you, keep reading along….


Homeopathic medicine is definitely on the rise in these times, as people are turning towards an easier and more cost effective holistic approach to their sicknesses/illnesses. Traditional Chinese Medicine is also a booming practice of alternative medicine as the results of such practices have proved to be astounding over thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine dates far back during the Shang dynasty (14th–11th centuries BCE) and is still practiced to date.  This is proof that holistic health care would be a good alternative to turn to if you are experiencing no positive results with the default, ‘prescribe and sign’ method. People have to understand that in a world long before doctors or anything tethered to the medical industry even existed, humans relied on the natural planetary substances of the Earth to heal their sicknesses. I also strongly recommend you to check out The “Essene Gospel of Peace” series in its entirety, covers an extreme deeper understanding of Mother Nature, the importance of health and fasting

But what is the main ‘cure’ to all health ailments? What if a grand number of health ailments could be cured and prevented with only ONE main product? Well ladies and gentlemen this may not be the absolute answer, but it’s a damn good  Modus Operandi….


What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) has proven to be one of the most powerful, cost-effective natural health products in the world. By clicking here, you will see a list of the many benefits that Hydrogen Peroxide has to offer. There’s a lot more to Hydrogen Peroxide than being just a fizzing liquid in a brown bottle! Hydrogen Peroxide is also often talked about in Natural Health Magazines. The point I’m trying to convey is that Hydrogen Peroxide uses are EXTREMELY important to include in your life…

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What does Hydrogen Peroxide Do?

When I was a child, whenever I got sick and had allergies, my mother would force me to fill a cap-full of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and pour it in one ear, tilt my head let it fizz, then once the fizzing stopped, I’d tilt my head and let the gunk remains drain out while I repeated the process in the other ear. To my amazement, not only did this treat all of my allergies with haste, but I later found out that this is the perfect remedy for treating colds, flu, and infections. If done daily, you should notice a SIGNIFICANT improvement in whatever sicknesses/illnesses you may have. I believe the science behind this is what my mother once told me: saying that the ears, nose and throat are all connected and if one is affected, it infects the others which causes a myriad of problems.  Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a germicidal agent which produces what is called “Oxidation”. It kills microorganisms by oxidizing them. And oxidation is quite powerful as it can be deemed a highly effective, natural sanitizer. This is the reason for the fizzing when Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) comes in contact with just about anything. You’d be surprised to know that ‘EAR HEALTH’ is just as important as any other part of your body!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses


If you take a look at my Youtube video and look below in the comments, you will see many testimonials of the positive benefits that Hydrogen Peroxide has had on the lives of many. However, it is important to make note that there is a major underlying difference between RETAIL BASED Hydrogen Peroxide and 35% FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide. Allow one of my commenters to share with you his outtake.


“It must be 35% food grade H2o2. Over the counter, peroxide has heavy metal stabilizers so only use 35% food grade! It must be diluted in 8-12 oz distilled water 25 drops of H2o2….it works. I am living proof as I walk on my own…I was told by Dr’s that I would be in a wheelchair then quadriplegic due to being diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis….35% H2o2 has held this all off. It increases cellular oxygen….it works for MS 100%…”

PURCHASE: Essential Oxygen Hydrogen Peroxide 35% FOOD GRADE, 16 Ounce HERE (non-retail):



Furthermore, to wrap all of this up in one spot, some years back I came across a very well-written, mind blowing and informative book on the science behind Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) the best usage for Hydrogen Peroxide Ever since I bought this book and read through it, it COMPLETELY changed my life as Hydrogen Peroxide is now my #1 go to natural remedy which can be found in mostly all health food stores and most retailers. It is a MUST HAVE!!! The book is titled:

The One-Minute Cure:

“The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases”

by Madison Cavanaugh



Over the years I have tried to share this book with as many people as possible. That includes friends, family, strangers, anyone. Now I want to share it with the readers of my blog so they can understand the importance of Remedial Hydrogen Peroxide practices. Check out this very deep quote below from the Author, Madison Cavanaugh herself…taken from the first 2 pages of the book:

“Over the last seven centuries, we as a society have been programmed to regard the curing or healing of disease as a perplexing and complicated science that is best left in the hands of medical practitioners. As a result, we’ve come to rely almost exclusively on the information that is dispensed to us by doctors and health care providers who are themselves usually uninformed about alternative healing options that may be better for treating diseases than the standard medical treatments consisting of drugs, surgery, radiation or other What you’re about to learn from this book is a simple, inexpensive therapy that can be self-administered at home in less than a minute—and costs about 11⁄2 cents per day. An estimated 15,000 European medical doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths have provided this powerful therapy to over 10 million people over the past 70 years to treat over 50 different diseases, but in the U.S., it has been relatively unknown because of reasons that will become clear as you read the rest of this book.”

This quote is proof of everything that I’ve stated throughout this post. Purchase and read through this book and enjoy being ahead of about 90% of the worlds population including the medical industry in knowledge of proper health procedures & techniques.

Well that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading my post, “Hydrogen Peroxide? The secret cure for ALL diseases?”.  Don’t forget to click any of the embedded links within this post for more info. Hopefully by now you have acquired an eye-opening concept of health that refreshes your ideas on what you defaultly believe to be the cure to all sicknesses, illnesses and diseases. Even for diabetics, there are some GREAT practices of natural medicine for reversing diabetes. It doesn’t matter if you have allergies, the flu, an infection, if you’re a Diabetic experiencing complications of diabetes, or even experiencing pre diabetic symptoms like type 1 diabetes symptoms or type 2 diabetes symptoms, hygiene issues or any other problem to your health and livelihood.  Try these methods and apply the best usage for Hydrogen Peroxide and let the results speak for themselves!!! Thanks for reading. 🙂

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”
~Benjamin Franklin