Month: April 2013

Times are tough: Homeless man begging me for money says he accepts debit??? *TRUE STORY*

Times are tough: Homeless man begging me for money says he accepts debit??? *TRUE STORY*

Yes you read the title correctly. Times are getting tough folks, and hobos are getting smarter. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been approached by hobo’s atleast once in our lives, or atleast seen them. Usually in most cases, Hobos will hold up a sign while begging for change, and also will beg for cash. But I was approached by a Hobo who asked for DEBIT. Yes, debit…
I’m going to share my experience with you that I experienced a few weeks back, in hopes that it provides some laughter and brightens up your day a little, or night….

So a few weeks back I was on break at my job, and usually when I go on break I go outside to get some fresh air. Well, I go outside to get some fresh air, minding my own business. I was actually going to call my girlfriend and check on how her day was going. But then all of the sudden a homeless man comes strolling up behind me in a wheelchair with an iPhone in his hand.

I turned around and gave him a quick glance and then continued on with my business. Then he came up behind me and tapped me on my shoulder to get my attention and asked,

Hobo: “Hey sir, do you have some money to spare?”

Me: “I’m sorry I don’t. I don’t have any change or cash on me all I have is debit.”

Hobo: “Oh no that’s fine, I accept debit too!”

Me: *Confused as I don’t know what and trying to figure out an escape plan for such an awkward situation, except I didn’t want to be rude.*
After a small chuckle I then said, “Oh you do?”

Hobo: “Yes sir, I got it right here…”
He then proceeded to show me his iPhone with the SquareUp card reader attachment on the top of his phone. Now for those of you who don’t know what that is, allow me to explain…

SquareUp is an interesting new feature Apple came up with that allows you to literally accept credit card or debit card payments anywhere with your iPhone, Android or iPad.
Now there were multiple things running through my mind when this man pulled his phone out.
First, if he was the homeless person begging for money that he claims he was, how the heck does he even have an iPhone? I myself don’t even have an iPhone and I work a fulltime job!

Second, the fact that he even asked me for debit after settling for no cash, was quite flattering. That was an epic win but I was trolled beyond belief.

Third, after saying I have no cash but only have debt, and after finding out that he DOES IN FACT accept debit, what the hell do I say now without being a habitual liar?

Me: “Oh wow haha, you do actually take debit. Well I’m sorry man I’m broke I wish I could help.”
After glaring me in the eyes with a friendly yet mysterious expression to say “Of course you don’t”, he then said,
Hobo: “Oh no no no worries you have yourself a nice day sir. Thankyou!”

*And he strolled on down the parking lot*
Hobos are more clever than ever folks. Let this post teach you a lesson. If a hobo ask you for money, unless you have it, just say you don’t have ANY money whatsoever. Don’t put yourself into a humiliating guilty trap like I did. And I will close this post with a quote.

“Family kidnapped by Ninjas. Need $ 4 Karate lessons….”
-Random Hobo
Image That’s deep…

True Story. Mother gives her heart to her son.

True Story. Mother gives her heart to her son.

16 year old boy asks his Mom: “Mom, what are you going to get for me for my 18th birthday??

The Mother answers, “son that’s still a long way”.

The boy turns 17 & one day he faints.

His Mom takes him to the hospital & the doctors says: “Madam your child has a bad heart”.

Being the child On
the stretcher the child asks, “did he tell you I’m going to die??

Mom Starts crying”

The boy finally recovers on his 18th Birthday, he comes home & on his bed was a letter his mom had left him.

The letter said “Son if you are reading this its because everything went well.
Remember the day you asked me what was i giving
you on your 18th birthday & didn’t know what to Answer you?? “I gave you my heart”
take care of it and happy Birthday

The mother was dead because she
had to give up her heart to her son.

Nothing is bigger than mom’s Heart and Love…


The 3 Rooms

The 3 Rooms

My dad, who is a self acclaimed agnostic, is a man who strattled the fence in regards to morals and religion almost all of his life. Same thing goes for my mother, except she was alot more prone to different religions and spiritual paths of enlightenment, until she finally settled for the title “Non-religious spiritualist”.
And I myself, am a believer in God but follow no religion, so I guess you can say I have the same morals as my mother. But let’s get to the interesting part about this all.
One night I was having a phone conversation with my dad and we just so happened to discuss the topics of Morals and Religion. Then out of no where, something came to mind. I came up with a very interesting theory that was in reference to what we were talking about. A theory that tests the psyche of the human brain, your decision making skills, your trust and gullibility, and where your heart truly morally relies.
And this is my theory…
“You are walking down a hallway, and you found out that you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and only have 24 hours left to live. As you walk down towards the end of the hallway, you approach 3 different doors which lead to 3 different rooms. Room A, Room B, and Room C.
You open the door to Room A, and all you find in the room is a table with an Antidote sitting on top of it. Next to the antidote is a card that reads ‘This is an antidote to cure your cancer, drink this and you will live much longer.’

You walk out of the room, and open the door to Room B, and all you find in the room is a table with a religious book (enter your religious book that you follow, if any, here), and any other idolatrous items you use for prayer. Next to the items is a card that reads, ‘Do you believe in the power of prayer? Do you believe that (enter your god here) will heal you of your sickness? If so, choose this room and your prayers will be answered.’

You then walk out of Room B, and enter Room C. You open the door, and all you see is a table, with only a card on top of it. The card reads, ‘If you do not choose the antidote in Room A, and you also don’t believe in the power of prayer in Room B, then choose this room and live your life to the fullest, knowing you have only 24 more hours left to live.’

I have explained this same theory to numerous people. My gf, my friends, co-workers, family members. Everyone had there own answers and their own reasons. Some have given me more logical answers, some have given me more stripped down answers. Their is no right or wrong answer, but depending on how you analyze the situation, determines your intelligence and ability to dissect a situation to comfort your reasoning.

So my question to you is, what room would you choose and why? Room A, Room B, or Room C?
What is the reason(s) behind your choice,? And explain why you WOULD NOT choose the other rooms.

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