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The Story of Adam and Eve (Untold) Video Series – Playlist

The Story of Adam and Eve (Untold) Video Series – Playlist


The Story of Adam and Eve (Untold)

PRESENT day controversy that rages around the authenticity of the Scriptures and how human life began on this planet must pause to consider the Adam and Eve story. Where does it come from? What does it mean?

The familiar version in Genesis is not the source of this fundamental legend, it is not a spontaneous, Heaven-born account that sprang into place in the Old Testament. It is simply a version, unexcelled perhaps, but a version of a myth or belief or account handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation of mankind-through the incoherent, unrecorded ages of man it came–like an inextinguishable ray of light that ties the time when human life began, with the time when the human mind could express itself and the human hand could write.

This is the most ancient story in the world–it has survived because it embodies the basic fact of human life. A fact that has not changed one iota; amid all the superficial changes of civilization’s vivid array, this fact remains: the conflict of Good and Evil; the fight between Man and the Devil; the eternal struggle of human nature against sin,

That the Adam and Eve story pervaded the thoughts of ancient writers is seen in the large number of versions that exist, or whose existence may be traced, through the writings of Greeks, Syrians, Egyptians, Abyssinians, Hebrews, and other ancient peoples. As a lawyer might say who examines so much apparently unrelated evidence–there must be something back of it.

The version which we give here is the work of unknown Egyptians (the lack of historical allusion makes it impossible to date the writing). Parts of this version are found in the Talmud, the Koran, and elsewhere, showing what a vital rôle it played in the original literature of human wisdom. The Egyptian author first wrote in Arabic (which may be taken as the original manuscript) and that found its way farther south and was translated into Ethiopic. For the present English translation we are indebted to Dr. S. C. Malan, Vicar of Broadwindsor, who worked from the Ethiopic edition edited by Dr. E. Trumpp, Professor at the University of Munich. Dr. Trumpp had the advantage of the Arabic original, which makes our bridge over the gap of many centuries a direct one.

The reading of these books is an adventure. You will find the mind of man fed by the passions, hopes, fears of new and strange earthly existence rioting, unrestrained, in the zest of self-expression. You roam in the realms of mythology where swiftly the aspects of nature assume manifold personalities, and the amorphous instinct of sin takes on the grotesqueries of a visible devil.

story of adam and eve

“The Forgotten Books of Eden” series is a video series I posted on my Youtube Channel. It gives you a deeper understanding of what went on during the time of Adam and Eve, and also explains a lot that happen in their personal lives. It is the untold story of Adam and Eve not fully covered in Genesis.



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The Untold Story of Adam and Eve


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Cave of Treasures Books – Playlist Series (March 2016)

Cave of Treasures Books – Playlist Series (March 2016)

Cave of Treasures Books

*The Untold secrets of Genesis*


IN the centuries immediately preceding the Christian Era certain
professional Jewish scribes composed a number of works which may
well be described as “historical romances,” and which were based on the
histories of the patriarchs and others as found in the four main divisions
of the text of the Hebrew Bible. There is little doubt that most of these
works were written either in Hebrew or in the Palestinian vernacular of
the period. One of the oldest of such works appears to be the “Book of
Jubilees” (see page 3), (also called the “Lesser Genesis” and the
“Apocalypse of Moses”), which derives its name from the fact that the
periods of time described in it are Jubilees, i.e.each period contains
forty-nine years. It is more or less a Commentary on the Book of
Genesis. That a version of this book existed in Greek is proved by the
quotations given by Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis in Cyprus (born
about A.D. 320, and died in 403 or 404), in his work on “Heresies”
(chapter xxxix). The author claimed boldly that his work contains the
revelations which were made to Moses by the command of God by the
Archangel Michael, who is frequently described as the “Angel of the
Face,” The book is not wholly original, for it contains narratives and
traditions derived from the works of earlier writers; and some of the
legends appear to have been taken from early Babylonian sources. The
Hebrew, or Aramean, original is lost, and the complete work is only
found in Ethiopic, in which language it is known as “Kûfâlê,” or
“Sections.” The Ethiopic translation was made from Greek.
Another pre-Christian work, also written by a Jew, is the “Book of
Enoch,” which exists now in a more or less complete form, only in an
Ethiopic translation, which was made from the Greek. This work is
quoted by St. Jude (vv. 14, 15), and there is little doubt that for some three
or four centuries its authority, both among the Jews and the Christians of
the first and second centuries of our Era, was very great. Whether the

“Book of Enoch,” as made known to us by the Ethiopic version, truly
represents the original Hebrew work is fairly open to doubt; in fact, it
seems certain that it does not. It contains a series of fragments or parts of
works, of somewhat similar character, which has been strung together,
and then added to by writers of different schools of religious thought at
different periods. In some parts of it traces have been found of beliefs
which are neither Jewish nor Christian.


The “COT (Cave of Treasures) series is the first of many biblical book series posted on my Youtube Channel. The “COT” series is a follow-up to another video on the channel titled “75 Books Removed from the ORIGINAL Bible”, in which I share an audio-narrative format of various biblical books removed from the Bible.

Cave of Treasures takes place after Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden. And it mainly goes deeper into WHY Adam and Eve were EXPELLED from the Garden.

[Get a physical copy of the Cave of Treasures book here:]


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Should we NOT say the word “Amen”? HD (2012- Throwback)

Should we NOT say the word “Amen”? HD (2012- Throwback)


A thought-provoking video on the history of the word “Amen”


This is a throwback video that I uploaded on my channel back in 2012. It goes into the true understanding and history of whether or not we should say the word “Amen” after our prayers. The truth about where this word originates from will shock you!

You can watch the video here


True Story. Mother gives her heart to her son.

True Story. Mother gives her heart to her son.

16 year old boy asks his Mom: “Mom, what are you going to get for me for my 18th birthday??

The Mother answers, “son that’s still a long way”.

The boy turns 17 & one day he faints.

His Mom takes him to the hospital & the doctors says: “Madam your child has a bad heart”.

Being the child On
the stretcher the child asks, “did he tell you I’m going to die??

Mom Starts crying”

The boy finally recovers on his 18th Birthday, he comes home & on his bed was a letter his mom had left him.

The letter said “Son if you are reading this its because everything went well.
Remember the day you asked me what was i giving
you on your 18th birthday & didn’t know what to Answer you?? “I gave you my heart”
take care of it and happy Birthday

The mother was dead because she
had to give up her heart to her son.

Nothing is bigger than mom’s Heart and Love…


The 3 Rooms

The 3 Rooms

My dad, who is a self acclaimed agnostic, is a man who strattled the fence in regards to morals and religion almost all of his life. Same thing goes for my mother, except she was alot more prone to different religions and spiritual paths of enlightenment, until she finally settled for the title “Non-religious spiritualist”.
And I myself, am a believer in God but follow no religion, so I guess you can say I have the same morals as my mother. But let’s get to the interesting part about this all.
One night I was having a phone conversation with my dad and we just so happened to discuss the topics of Morals and Religion. Then out of no where, something came to mind. I came up with a very interesting theory that was in reference to what we were talking about. A theory that tests the psyche of the human brain, your decision making skills, your trust and gullibility, and where your heart truly morally relies.
And this is my theory…
“You are walking down a hallway, and you found out that you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and only have 24 hours left to live. As you walk down towards the end of the hallway, you approach 3 different doors which lead to 3 different rooms. Room A, Room B, and Room C.
You open the door to Room A, and all you find in the room is a table with an Antidote sitting on top of it. Next to the antidote is a card that reads ‘This is an antidote to cure your cancer, drink this and you will live much longer.’

You walk out of the room, and open the door to Room B, and all you find in the room is a table with a religious book (enter your religious book that you follow, if any, here), and any other idolatrous items you use for prayer. Next to the items is a card that reads, ‘Do you believe in the power of prayer? Do you believe that (enter your god here) will heal you of your sickness? If so, choose this room and your prayers will be answered.’

You then walk out of Room B, and enter Room C. You open the door, and all you see is a table, with only a card on top of it. The card reads, ‘If you do not choose the antidote in Room A, and you also don’t believe in the power of prayer in Room B, then choose this room and live your life to the fullest, knowing you have only 24 more hours left to live.’

I have explained this same theory to numerous people. My gf, my friends, co-workers, family members. Everyone had there own answers and their own reasons. Some have given me more logical answers, some have given me more stripped down answers. Their is no right or wrong answer, but depending on how you analyze the situation, determines your intelligence and ability to dissect a situation to comfort your reasoning.

So my question to you is, what room would you choose and why? Room A, Room B, or Room C?
What is the reason(s) behind your choice,? And explain why you WOULD NOT choose the other rooms.

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