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Hidden Books of The Bible List

Hidden Books of The Bible List


Hidden Books of The Bible List

Here’s a video that I uploaded to my Youtube Channel titled “75 Books Removed from the Original Bible!” Here you will discover the Hidden Books of The Bible List. How many books are in the Bible? Over 75+ books…. Hello ladies and gentlemen of Youtube and welcome to my newest video titled “75 books removed from the original Hebrew Bible”. The reason why I am making this video is because I feel as though religious people who read and study the bible actively, unfortunately, aren’t studying a book that is in its complete form. What religious people around the world fail to remember is that there were OVER 75 books suspiciously removed from the current biblical cannon. It wasn’t 14 books like a lot of people were made to believe, in fact, the 14 books that they speak of are actually found in the Apocrypha, which is actually ONE of the 75 books removed from the Bible. So as you can imagine, right then and there we’re already missing out on sooo much information that I feel could answer the questions of believers and even non-believers. And whether people take scriptural information as factual or allegorical forms of literature, it doesn’t matter because regardless I feel like the true and COMPLETE gospel should be known to everyone, that way we all have a better understanding of “why” this happened and why this “didn’t” happen.”

Hidden Books of The Bible List (Click link above)


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DOWNLOAD LINK (these are obviously not ALL of the books, but many of them can be found here):


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