This blog has merged with the RayneofLyte888 Youtube***

Greetings everyone!

I just wanted to make a very important announcement for all of the loyal followers here on the ‘PeoplesBrain’ blog that this blog will be merging with my Rayneoflyte888 channel on Youtube. The Rayneoflyte888 Youtube channel has soared in popularity within the last few months and I am proud to say that the audience is growing larger and larger at quite an alarming rate!

The content on the Youtube channel consists of a crossover of AudioBook narrations (both biblical and non-biblical), Book Recommendations, Conspiracy Theory videos, videos on Health, Careers, Psychology, etc. I will be posting all content already uploaded on Youtube here on the blog and linking all future content with the channel through each blog post. My goal is to create a hub for all the viewers to not only watch the videos, but also have a website that they can come back to for reading purposes on all content and to feel part of a community.


Thank-you for understanding everyone…I am excited for what is to come!



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