Uber & Lyft Shutdown in Austin, TX after Proposition 1 Defeat

What a (somewhat) sad day for Austinites…

Prop 1 fails, marking defeat for Uber and Lyft in Austin

And this is coming from a fellow Austinite. Crazy thing is, I had a friend who just recently quit his job to do Uber full-time because he had so much faith in the opportunity and his average take home pay was $500 that he received for just ONE weekend! All this political, anti-Uber shenanigans is what I call, a bad case of government intervention.


Uber is a service that prompts new users to create an account via the website or the phone application to become an Uber Partner once approved by meeting certain requirements. After approval, Uber-Partners were given the ability to drive within the city to begin the commuting service for Uber-Consumers and get paid for their efforts. I feel like this was a great stepping stone opportunity for citizens in different regions to make extra money, or to even use it as a full-time replacement income.  I currently live in Austin, TX as I am originally from this city, and in the shadows of dissent; have seen many public occasions of Anti-Uber movements spawn in the city. From UT students holding up signs reading, “F*ck Uber” to disgruntled Taxi drivers expressing their frustrations.


I feel like alot of people, regardless of age, see the business practices of these “ride sharing” companies as being no different than unregulated taxi services and want them to comply with reasonable/legitimate passenger  laws. In retrospect, maybe Uber-Partners felt like they weren’t getting properly compensated enough, and in unison- having to deal with the wear and tear on vehicles that they’d be dishing out financially for upkeep and maintenance. I’m sure there are totally different perspectives to this phenomena that Non Uber-Partners such as myself haven’t quite dissected.

In the article I posted above, it states that “earlier in the week Lyft said if the ordinance fails, they will also leave on Monday and will cease their operations at 5 a.m. ( KXAN)” which I found very unfortunate as it seems the ‘backup’ or ‘Plan B’ option to Uber has also backed out.

However, I have heard that Austin also has a third, alternative ride sharing option called GetMe. This is good news.* Hopefully that will give former Uber-Partners a bit of hope as another chance to continue on with such an opportunity. Either way, the City of Austin will continue to thrive and I can be almost certain that this isn’t the end of any future related opportunities.



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