Thinking about dropping out of college?!?!? *Read this*


No your’re not seeing things. Go ahead and blink a few times to confirm to yourself that your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Normally when one hears that someone is thinking about or has made the decision to drop out of college, there is a very soft voice saying “why?” in the back of the mind. Allow me to explain…
First of all, I want to give a hearty hello to all visitors/viewers of PeoplesBrain. You have no idea how appreciative I am to gain a daily audience, and your individual time and attention as well.
Welcome to my new post titled, “(I’m) thinking about dropping out of college?”

It’s pretty self-explanatory. For a while now, the thought of me dropping out of college has flickered in my mind like an on/off light switch.
When the switch is on, the lightbulb goes off in my mind and starts illuminating positive thoughts such as the following.

-Stress free lifestyle
-No evil debt setbacks (demonic student loans for example)
-The ability to engage your hobby in creative ways to suit your desired lifestyle.
-Having the willpower necessary to teach yourself just about everything you need to know, without having to pay sky high tuition costs. No matter what resources you use. (Private tutor, family friends, research, books, GOOGLE)…
-Freedom to start your own business (ex. freelance). Work at your own pace. Be your own boss. Maybe work in your pajamas if it suits you.
-If you still feel like you need the education aspect of it, you can still pursue certifications (inexpensive) which in these times, are just as credible if not MORE credible than actual degrees to potential employers. (Will be explained further…)
-Save wall space for something else other than the framed piece of fancy paper).
-Pantry cupboards actually filled with foods of different varieties because you can afford it. No more eating ramen like a fish drinks water.
-Save time and put forth energy towards other goals and discover or enhance your talents in different areas.

When the switch is ‘off’, these are the negative things that come to mind and fill the voids of darkness.

Such as the following…

-Uneasy feelings of paranoia and fear about your future and the position you may have placed yourself into.
-Always asking yourself “What if it doesn’t?” — “What if I can’t?” —  “What do I doooo?”
-Having to work twice as hard to compensate for that missing ‘link’ that college has put in your life. Whether it was genuinely something you wanted to do or not.
-Not having a back-up
-Worrying the shit out of others closest to you once you finalize your decision. (Family, friends, imaginary friends..) For ex. Headstrong, militant father like mine who sees life through a straw and nothing more.
-Dealing with angry parents in particular.
-Figuring out the next steps to take.
-Not being able to sleep at night.
You get the point.

Overall, if you are in college and are feeling more than one of the things I have listed under the ‘positives’, you are probably having doubts about college.

If you are feeling more than one of the things I have listed under the ‘negatives’, it’s probably best that you stay in college.

Me personally, I am a risk-taker who will put an end to something If I feel like it makes me unhappy or if I feel like I could be doing better. I’m not trying to say that I am better than a college education; but I am simply trying to address that I feel like I myself, or anyone else on the same boat as me could devote our time into a lifestyle more fit for us. Right out of High School I actually didn’t have plans on going to college immediately as the norm says to do so. Who is the norm you may ask? Hmm, PARENTS? GOVERNMENT? MEDIA?

Well, right after graduated I was forced into college as a scapegoat of what I was going through personally. I was one of the few people who, prior to attending college, wanted to throw myself out there in the workforce and get a taste of full-time work. Well, the only thing I got a taste of was the bottom of the corporate shoe! However, I did gain alot of great experience and developed great friendships along the way! From being an Administrative Assistant in High School, to working at Dell Inc. as a manufacturing assistant, to working at a Newspaper Factory and now working in a call center. I would favor any type of freelance work anyday and leave anything else in the dust. The reason for that would be the freedom I would have to accommodate to a comfortable schedule. As well as putting my talents and skills to the test to not only help others, but to support myself in such a way that I can make a feasible living off of.
Here is a list I compiled of the things I enjoy doing the most.
-I love to produce electronic music and DJ.
-I make tutorials online to teach others how to produce music also
-Blogging (of course). To share my thoughts and opinions on life and all of it’s mysterious facades.
-Researching and learning.
-Computer programming, coding, graphic design, etc.
-You can also find me volunteering at local events, libraries, and recreational centers when possible.

Now in the aspect of education, I could always pursue certifications which I feel are alot more affordable and target-able for my field of expertise. The only difference between a degree and certifications, are that degrees focus more on the “theoretical” fundamentals of what you are pursuing as a major. Whereas certifications focus more on the “technical” fundamentals of what you are pursuing as a major. As a computer science major, the latter obviously makes perfect sense. In these times, statistics have shown that employers favor certifications soulbounded with experience, over degrees. However, this does not apply to other career fields such as most specializations dealing with the medical industry, psychology, criminal justice, stuff like that.  Conclusively, if you are pursuing a degree in a field where that is required, I wish you the best of luck in your success and future endeavors. My girlfriend is doing the same with nursing and she takes it seriously. Congratulations because you are on the right path!

Anyways, now that I have compiled a list of hobbies and things I enjoy doing, all I have to do is go through the list and point out the things that I could develop into an actual career. You can do the same. And you’d be surprised at the ideas that may come to mind that you never thought of before. 🙂 As long as your are able to plan ahead, support yourself, stay determined and don’t let anything cross your patch to success; you will overcome any and all obstacles and will not regret your decision.

This is how I view the big picture of life. You see, life is extremely complicated at times but it gives you unlimited happiness once you overcome the initial frustrations. If you want to experience the joy of life by creating something with your own hands as well as the sorrow of failure because it is not working as you expect, just go to a beach and build a Sand Castle near the water. You will experience the Joy of completing your Sand Castle and the sorrow of destruction of the Sand Castle by the water and the ultimate satisfaction of protecting your Sand Castle from the Vagaries of Nature.

Image  And like every post, I will end with a quote.

“If you are failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

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